Bluebop Cafe

last updated: 13 Jan 2020

One of Mumbai’s coolest cafe-cum-live music spaces, Bluebop Cafe in Khar heavily promotes the golden era of jazz from the 1920s to the 1960s, covering blues to bebop along with a good dose of classical. With interiors by architect Bina Shah, and technical expertise by well-known acoustics consultant Kapil Thirwani from Munro Acoustics LLP, it is the perfect place to kick back with well-crafted cocktails, new-age drinks, and great music.

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Attention was given to the materials used for the ceiling, pillars, and glass panels, and that means the acoustics remain uniform in the 65-70 seater space. The music is what everyone will look forward to. The cafe offers great bands and artists to perform on weekends, with sporadic gigs through the week. There is space to host jam sessions as well.

Bluebop Cafe
318, Linking Rd, Khar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052, India
The Bluebop Cafe in Khar, Mumbai is all about 20s Jazz, live gigs and healthy fare