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Best movies by ‘RRR’ director S.S. Rajamouli that you should watch right now

Indian film director and screenwriter S.S. Rajamouli personifies nothing but perfection in the film industry. From setting up humongous movie sets to bringing out the best capabilities of an actor, he has been creating magic on the screen, and that’s a rare craft for many others indeed. It can’t be denied that he brings extravagance to life with his movies and entertains the viewers with a great cinematic experience.

Rajamouli’s brilliant storytelling and magnificent directing skills have made him one of the foremost filmmakers of Indian cinema, who has conquered the Indian film industry with his ‘Midas touch’. The three-time national award winner, Padma Shri recipient, and an Indian film director who received the Best Director award at the 2022 New York Film Critics Circle Awards started his career as a director in 2001 with the Tollywood movie Student No.1. The movie ran for 100 days at the box office with an estimated collection of INR 12 crore.

After consecutive successful releases, came one of his highest-grossing franchises, Baahubali, the larger-than-life cinematic experience, which changed the way Indian audiences previously perceived cinema and the technicalities associated with it.

In his 20-year-long career, Rajamouli has directed 12 movies including his latest release RRR, and he has taken the careers of many actors a notch higher, including Rana Daggubati, NTR Jr, Anushka Shetty, Prabhas and Ram Charan. Rajamouli is a dream director to work with for most actors. Even well-established film stars have admitted to having a dream to work with Rajamouli during interviews, which shows the magnificence of Rajamouli and his movies.

Here are some of the best Rajamouli movies to add to your watchlist

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RRR (Rise Roar Revolt)

Release Date: 24 March 2022

Cast: NTR Jr. as Komaram Bheem, Ram Charan Teja as Alluri Sitarama Raju, Alia Bhatt as Sita, Rajeev Kanakala as Venkat Avadhani, Ajay Devgn as Alluri Venkatarama, Twinkle Sharma as Malli and Rahul Ramakrishna as Lachu.

Synopsis: A daring revolutionary and a British army commander with a long-standing friendship decide to work together against the oppressive authorities. It begins when a young tribal girl named Malli is taken away by the British governor and Bheem decides to bring her back.

About the film: Released on 10,000 screens globally with a budget of INR 550 crore, it garnered around INR 1200 crore at the box office. Within three weeks of its release, RRR’s gross collection surpassed INR 1000 crore. The film was nominated at the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards (2022) for Best Director, Best Original Score, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Use of Visual Effects. Additionally, it was also nominated at Golden Globes, USA (2023) for Best Motion Picture – Non-English Language and Best Original Song – Motion Picture.

Awards: Best Director for S.S. Rajamouli at New York Film Critics Circle Awards (2022), Best International Feature at Sunset Film Circle Awards (2022), Best Foreign Language Film at Southeastern Film Critics Association Award (2022), Saturn Award for Best International Film at Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (2022) and Best Original Score at Boston Society of Film Critics Award (2022).

(Image Credit: RRR/IMDb)

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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Release Date: 28 April 2017

Cast: Prabhas in a double role as Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali/Sivudu, Rana Daggubati as Bhallaaladeva, Anushka Shetty as Devasena and Tamannaah as Avanthika.

Synopsis: After discovering his past and true lineage as the prince of Mahishmati, Sivudu decides to kill Bhallaladeva with Kattappa and Avantika’s help.

About the film: Termed as one of India’s biggest blockbusters ever, the franchise as well as the film broke numerous records including widest release for an Indian film as it was shown on over 9,000 screens globally, including 6500 in India.

Awards: Saturn Award for Best International Film at Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (2018), Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment at National Film Awards for S.S. Rajamouli at National Film Awards (2018).

Image Credit: Baahubali 2/IMDb

3 /12

Baahubali: The Beginning

Release Date: 10 July 2015

Cast: Prabhas in a double role as Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali/Sivudu, Rana Daggubati as Bhallaaladeva, Anushka Shetty as Devasena and Tamannaah as Avanthika.

Synopsis: A tribal couple save a drowning child who matures into Sivudu, a free-spirited mountain explorer who ultimately faces the powerful Bhallaladeva and discovers his identity as Mahendra Baahubali, a warrior prince from Mahishmati.

About the film: The movie was released in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam on 4,000 screens globally. The film was nominated for the Saturn Award in five different categories at the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (2016). The film was also nominated in the category of Best Visual Effects at the Asian Film Festival (2016). The movie won 54 awards and 22 nominations in almost every category at different award functions.

Awards: Best Feature Film for and Best Special Effects at National Film Awards (2016); Best Film and Best Director for S.S. Rajamouli at South Indian International Movie Awards (2016); Best Film and Best Director for S.S. Rajamouli at Filmfare Awards South (2016).

(Image Credit: Baahubali/IMDb)

4 /12


Release Date: 12 October 2012

Cast: Sudeep as Sudeep, Nani as Nani and Samantha as Bindhu

Synopsis : Nani returns as a housefly to seek revenge on Sudeep and his goons who killed him in his previous birth.

About the film: Eega was simultaneously filmed in Tamil as Naan Ee. The Telugu version of the movie was screened at various International film festivals all over the world. Eega is the only Telugu film to receive six nominations at the Madrid International Film Festival and the first Indian film to be nominated there. The movie was also selected to be screened at the 18th Busan International Film Festival in October 2013.

Awards: Best Telugu Feature Film and Best Special Effects at 60th National Film Awards (2013); Family Entertainer of the Year for Sai Korrapati, Best Villain for Sudeep, Best Actor Female for Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and Best Visual Effects for Makuta at CineMAA Awards (2013); Best Performance by an Actor in a Negative Role for Sudeep at Edison Awards India (2013); Best Film for Sai Korrapati and Vaarahi Chalana Chitram, Best Director for S.S. Rajamouli and Vaarahi Chalana Chitram at Filmfare Award South (2013).

(Image Credit: Eega/IMDb)

5 /12

Maryada Ramanna

Release Date: 23 July 2010

Cast: Sunil as Ramu, Saloni Aswani as Aparna and Nagineedu as Ramineedu.

Synopsis: On his way back home, Ramu befriends Aparna and both fall in love, only to realise later that their families are long-time enemies.

About the film: The remakes include Phande Poriya Boga Kaande Re (2011) in Bengali, Son of Sardaar (2012) in Hindi, Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham (2014) in Tamil and Ivan Maryadaraman (2015) in Malayalam.

Awards: Best Villian for Nagineedu and Special Appreciation Award for Sunil at CineMAA Awards (2011); Best Popular Film for Providing Wholesome Entertainment and Best Villian for Nagineedu at Nandi Awards (2011).

(Image Credit: Maryada Ramanna/IMDb)

6 /12


Release Date: 30 July 2009

Cast: Ram Charan in a double role as Harsha and Kala Bhairava, Srihari in a double role as Sher Khan and Solomon, Kajal Aggarwal in a double role as Indira (Indu) and Princess Mithravinda Devi and Dev Gill in a double role as Raghuveer and Ranadev Billa.

Synopsis: Princess Mithravinda and her lover and warrior Kala Bhairava die in 1609 AD and take rebirth to reunite as lovers again.

About the film: One of the biggest Tollywood blockbusters of all-time, this romance-action flick was dubbed as Maaveeran in Tamil, Dheera in Malayalam and The Great Warrior in English.

Awards: Best Director for S.S. Rajamouli, Best Film and Best Producer for Allu Aravind, Best Actor Male for Ram Charan Teja at CineMAA Awards(2010); Best Director for S.S. Rajamouli, Best Film for Allu Aravind and Geetha Arts, Best Actor for Ram Charan Teja at Filmfare Awards South (2010).

(Image Credit: Magadheera/IMDb)

7 /12


Release Date: 15 August 2007

Cast: NTR Jr as Raja, Mohan Babu as Yama Dharma Raja, Priyamani as Maheswari (Mahi) and Joy Badlani as Indra.

Synopsis : This action comedy revolves around a girl named Mahi who falls in love with Raja, a thief, who doesn’t intend to but gradually falls in love with her and things take a difficult turn when he dies prematurely.

About the film: Yamadoga was dubbed in Hindi as Lok Parlok, in Tamil as Vijayan and in English as Thief of Yama.

Awards: Best Actor at Filmfare Award South (2008) and CineMAA Awards (2008) for NTR Jr.

(Image Credit: Yamadonga/IMDb)

8 /12


Release Date: 23 June 2006

Cast: Ravi Teja in a double role as DCP Vikram Singh Rathore and Atthili Sathi Babu and Anushka Shetty as Neeraja Goswami

Synopsis : Atthili, a thief, who is identical to Vikram, a cop, adopts Vikram’s daughter after his death and replaces him as a police officer too. He aims to take down Bavuji, a psychopath, who is involved in money laundering, sexual assault, illicit activities and corruption.

About the film: The movie was dubbed as Pratighat in Hindi. Additionally, it was also recreated in Hindi as Rowdy Rathore (2012), as Siruthai in Tamil (2011), as Bikram Singha: The Lion Is Back (2012) in Bengali and as Veera Madakari (2009) in Kannada.

(Image Credit: Vikramarkudu/IMDb)

9 /12


Release Date: 30 September 2005

Cast: Prabhas as Sivaji/Chatrapathi, Shriya Saran as Neelu, Shafi as Ashok and Bhanupriya as Rajyalakshmi

Synopsis: Rajyalakshmi has two sons, Sivaji and Ashoka (step-son) whom she loves equally. Later, her biological son Sivaji seeks revenge from Ashoka for his misdeeds, while searching for his mother after they are estranged.

About the film: The movie was dubbed and released in Tamil as Chandramouli and in Hindi as Hukumat Ki Jung.

Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Bhanupriya and Best Music Director for MM Keeravani at Nandi Award (2006).

(Image Credit: Chatrapathi/IMDb)

10 /12


Release Date: 23 September 2004

Cast: Nithiin as Prudhvi, Genelia D’Souza as Indu, Shashank as Shashank and Pradeep Singh Rawat as Bhikshu Yadav

Synopsis : Prudhvi and Shashank are leaders of two rival student factions who come together to win a rugby union match against Bhikshu, a local mafia, who claims their college’s land and is ready to give it back only if students win the rugby union match.

About the film: The dubbed version of Sye was released as Aar Paar: The Judgement Day in Hindi and as Challenge in English.

Awards: Best Villain for Pradeep Singh Rawat at Filmfare Awards South (2005)

(Image Credit: Challenge/IMDb)

11 /12


Release Date: 11 July 2003

Cast: NTR Jr as Simhadri, Bhoomika Chawla as Indira and Ankita as Kasturi

Synopsis: A love triangle between Simhadri, his love interest Indira and Kasturi, his master’s granddaughter who falls in love with him, takes an interesting turn as Simhadri’s secret identity of being Singamalai, a powerful leader in the state of Kerala, comes out in light.

About the film: Following its initial popularity with an approximate box office collection of around INR 25 crore, Suresh Krishna remade the film in Tamil as Gajendra (2004), starring Sarath Babu. Additionally, the movie was adapted in Kannada as Kanteerava (2012) starring Duniya Vijay.

Awards: Best Actor for NTR Jr and Best Stunt for Vijay at CineMAA Awards (2004).

(Image Credit: Simhadri/IMDb)

12 /12

Student No 1.

Release Date: 27 September 2001

Cast: NTR Jr as Aditya, Rajeev Kanakala as Satya and Gajala as Anjali.

Synopsis : The film follows Aditya, a young boy who enrols himself in a law college owing to his father’s wish. It is later revealed that Aditya had accidentally killed a criminal to protect a girl’s honour which led to his sentence, and he had taken special permission from court to pursue law.

About the film: Student No.1 became a Tollywood blockbuster that ran for 100 days at the box office in 42 centres and for 50 days in 73 centres. The movie which was made with a limited budget rode the box office with a collection of approximately INR 12 crore.

(Image Credit: © Aditya Music/IMDb)

Hero Image: Courtesy IMDb; Featured image: Courtesy S.S Rajamouli/Facebook

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Best movies by ‘RRR’ director S.S. Rajamouli that you should watch right now

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