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7 Bollywood movies that illustrate different kinds of heartbreak

Bollywood, with its repertoire of movies, has something for everyone, for every kind of mood. Today, we are exploring sad movies in Bollywood that represent the many different facets of heartbreak.

Bollywood has such a huge reserve of movies over decades that you will be spoilt for choice for any genre that you might want to watch. But if we take a closer look, we will find that Bollywood has its favourite genres- love and heartbreak. For a film industry that’s obsessed with romance and heartache, it has not only explored sad movies but has also dissected heartbreak as an emotion and has done justice to its many layers. We picked our favourite sad movies that show heartbreak is not linear and can be so layered.

Sad movies that talk about heartbreak


A love that was and could have been. Lootera is one of Ranveer Singh’s career-best performances, true. But it is a story of a love that showed great promise once and fell apart due to betrayal.


Raazi, on the other hand, is a sad movie about a love that took its own course to blossom and was genuine, but there had to be betrayal and heartbreak. Their love was always doomed and yet, it bloomed like a flower when it shouldn’t have.

Meri Pyaari Bindu

Some love stories aren’t bad timing. The person is right, and the timing is right, it’s just that one person is too much in love and the other person gets overwhelmed by that. Abhimanyu and Bindu were childhood friends. But as fate would have it, love knocked at Abhimanyu’s door before he even knew what love is. Bindu tried to give it an honest shot, but some love stories aren’t meant to be. This is a sad movie where they both had to move on from each other, even though there was love.

Bajirao Mastani

The greatest blow to love is the violation of the partner’s trust and emotions. That’s exactly what happened to Kashibai. All she had was utter dedication and love for her husband. But what she received is not just disregard, but also deception.


Devdas is an iconic sad movie that has been made time and again. Dev.D might be a modern-day rendition of the same, but at the heart of it, it is a story where it’s not enough even if two people love each other.


A lot has been said about love. But for those who have experienced it, it is insanity. Sadma takes the same route, where a person gains sanity and gets her memory back and then forgets the love she once had. Tragic that one person has forgotten all about love and the other one just cannot forget it.


Talking of sad movies and doomed lovers, this list would be incomplete without this Imtiaz Ali classic. Jordan was the lover whose entire world was just his beloved. He didn’t just lose the love of his life to untimely death, he lost his love in a limbo between love and death.

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7 Bollywood movies that illustrate different kinds of heartbreak

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