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Popular solo songs by powerhouse vocalist Jin for your BTS listening party

K-pop singer Kim Seok-jin’s songs are as ‘worldwide’ famous as his good looks. From a ballad that served as a birthday present for fans to a soulful goodbye co-written by alternative-rock group Coldplay – here’s looking at a few BTS Jin’s tracks that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Singer, songwriter, and record producer Jin is known for his distinctive falsetto and impressive vocals. The oldest in the K-pop group BTS – he’s gearing up to fulfil his mandatory service in the South Korean army. However, not before leaving behind a heartfelt message for his fans – who will only see him back in action after two years. Titled Astronaut, the artist’s first officially-credited single is raw and emotional. However, this isn’t his first solo rodeo – with several other songs truly encapsulating his vocal prowess and passion for music. We’re listening our way through them all.

Solo songs by BTS Jin to add to your favourites playlist


This is perhaps one of the first times Jin truly unleashed his vocal as well as songwriting prowess – putting them both on proud display. This is a part of the BTS Wings album – and the live performance of this track remains etched in the memories of ARMYs. The melancholic ballad talks of not believing in your ability to succeed but chasing your dreams anyway. Heavy bass meets whispery, airy vocals in the song – making for an easy, calming listen.


The focused track for BTS’ Love Yourself: Answer trailer video – this soft rock track spotlights the need to celebrate oneself. Jin’s powerful, goosebumps-inducing vocals declare, “I’m the one I should love.” All while reminding listeners that being human involves being deeply flawed and that self love is a process. The powerful adlibs add to the electric riffs and soft acoustics in the song. No surprises why it debuted right at the top of the K-pop Genius Korea Chart.


This popular ballad was released as a part of the group’s sixth anniversary celebrations and is Jin’s first entirely original track. The song talks about loss and in a message to fans, the artist noted, “I wrote this song thinking about my pet. It’s my first original song. I hope you all enjoy it. I’ll work hard again and come out with another good song to listen to. Thank you, ARMY.” The song begins with an acoustic guitar as Jin croons – moving into backup vocals soon after. There’s elements of synth-pop to support him as he goes into his higher register. This also happens to be one of few tracks that truly spotlight his falsetto. This could explain why he surpassed a million streams in just 30 minutes after premiering on SoundCloud.


‘Worldwide Handsome’s’ solo track from Map Of The Soul:7 is a pop, soft rock track that truly spotlights his expressive vocals and range. The song – a dedication to fans – talks about the relationship of the artist with his fans. He likens himself to the moon and the fans to Earth – the former watching over the latter and each needing the other to keep going. The song reached the top spot of iTunes in over 100 countries – with Jin being one of the only to get there.


A ballad presented to his fans for his birthday in 2020, this song took a look at BTS Jin’s struggles with his place in the world. In an emotional letter, he explained to his fans, “Honestly, I’ve felt burnt out recently and I think it’s because I got to think a lot about myself,” noting that he’d received a lot of accolades for reaching the Billboard Hot 100 with BTS. The more he thought it through, the more he struggled with the position – with feelings of loneliness and anxiety taking over. Mellow vocals meet acoustic guitar in the song, making for easy listening. Don’t miss out on all the lovely high notes, that Jin hits with perfection.

Super Tuna

Another birthday present for his fans, Jin’s Super Tuna is a nod to his passion for fishing and truly reflects his light-hearted, goofy personality. The track is a far departure from his other solo tracks – with heart-thumping beats, fun vocals, and synth details. In the song Jin sings about fish, stating, “It would be great if it’s tuna. It would be great if it’s flatfish. It would be great if it’s mackerel too. It would be great if it’s a shark too.” This sparked a wave of TikTok dance challenges and covers – turning into a viral sensation much like the singer himself. The only disappointing part about the song is that it’s merely a minute long.

The Astronaut

Jin’s most recent single is co-written by Coldplay – and is reminiscent of the alternative rock band’s soundscape. At its heart, it’s a loving goodbye to his fans – ahead of the artist’s enlistment. On stage, Chris Martin (Coldplay’s frontman) revealed. “About six months ago, one of their members called me up and he said, ‘I have to leave the band in December for two years and join the army in Korea because that’s the rules there. I need a song that says goodbye to everybody, for a little while, and tells them that I love them.” True to this, the song’s wistful, melancholic tone is complemented by Jin’s soulful voice, Martin’s supporting vocals, and lyrics like “When I’m with you, there is no one else.”

We’ve got them all on repeat.

All images: Courtesy Kim Seok-jin

Popular solo songs by powerhouse vocalist Jin for your BTS listening party

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