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9 celebs living a regular life despite owning millions in their bank accounts

These celebs living a regular life will make you believe in the true value of modesty.

They might be earning millions and even billions, but the way they live is nothing short of astonishing for simpletons, who can only dream of having that wealth. Today we are going to look at some of these celebs from around the world and maybe learn a lesson or two on simplicity.

These celebs are living a regular and modest life

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Celebs living a regular life
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Whenever someone talks about Nawazuddin Siddiqui, it is always about how great an actor is! But if there’s one other thing he is known for, it is humble background. The actor himself has never shied away from talking about the struggles and rejections he has faced in life. While struggling to become an actor, he also worked as a watchman to sustain himself. A village boy who came to Mumbai with the dream of making it big, and has made it bigger than he had ever imagined- but the road to success was not easy. And even today, he lives like someone who has not forgotten his roots.

John Abraham


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Actor John Abraham started off as a model before tasting stardom with this acting career. He had experienced success pretty early on, with his unconventional choice of films back in the day, films that most mainstream actors and A-listers would shy away from. Years later, today he is known as the go to action hero in Bollywood, with a strict fitness regime and disciplined lifestyle that we would feel guilty to even read about! But what a lot of people don’t know about him is how simple a life he lives.

In an interview with PTI back in 2018, he had said, “I am not a narcissistic person by nature, I don’t like going out looking for attention. I don’t have a bodyguard, I have a simple life, I don’t wear a watch, I have a basic car. I am a middle-class person and I will not lose that.”

Keanu Reeves


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We have all had dreams of how we would live if we ever get rich beyond our imagination. But here’s Keanu Reeves, who has it all, but is one of the celebs living a regular life. Growing up, life hadn’t been easy for Reeves, and even after he became an actor, tragedy continued following him. From all the money he has made, Reeves drives a normal Honda and lives in a modest apartment. He has even mentioned that he doesn’t need a lot of extra space and doesn’t know what to do with it. In fact, he has shared that his favourite munching routine is snacking on a sandwich seated on a park bench where he can watch the passing parade.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Celebs living a regular life

To all of us, she’s Carrie Bradshaw and will always be! But in real life, the way SJP lives is anything but the Carrie Bradshaw way! With an estimated net worth of $150 million as of 2022, Parker had revealed earlier that she believes in a modest way of living. She admittedly dressed her son, James Wilkie, in hand-me-down clothing during his younger years. These clothes were passed on from her older nephews and the clothes her mother had saved from when her brother was a kid. She even said that she never bought any clothes for her son, simply because she never needed to. Now that’s a favourite celeb living a regular life.

Pankaj Tripathi


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Bollywood’s favourite, is there any role that Pankaj Tripathi can’t play? He’s not just a bona fide Bollywood star, but also the star of simplicity. It wouldn’t be wrong to call him that, given how down to earth he is even after being one of the most sought after Bollywood actors today. But having grown up as the son of a farmer in Belsand village, near Gopalganj in Bihar, he hasn’t forgotten his roots and believes in living simply.

In an interview to the Wire, he said, ““When I go back to my village, see the boys [I grew up with] and compare myself with them, I realise that a lot has changed within me, and that change has been brought about by the books [I have read], the people and ideas I have encountered and lived with.” He also revealed that he is someone who goes to the market to buy a glass with an upper limit of Rs 10 in mind but ends up buying one for Rs 5 instead.



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The ultimate megastar of not just down in South India, but in the whole nation. To say that he is loved would be an understatement. He is worshipped, in fact, and quite literally! But he is not loved just for his huge stardom. He believes in the doctrine of simple living and high thinking. In fact, he lives such a simple life that he admitted he had been mistaken for a beggar while on a spiritual trip to the Himalayas. But if you think that offended him, you are wrong. In fact, he had thanked the lady because he believed that was God’s way of showing him his true place. We all love celebs living a regular life, don’t we?

Randeep Hooda


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The unconventional actor known for his free-spiritedness and out-of-the-box choices of scripts, Randeep Hooda is one of those celebs who live a regular life and believe in simple living. In an interview with Pinkvilla, he had revealed how he does not live life the typical Bollywood lifestyle.

“There is a life that I want to lead and that ideal Bollywood life of dressing up and going to these parties and being a part of the self-congratulatory cliques– you know, the kind of a system that exists – No, I don’t miss it.” he had also said, “In fact, I have not given into the kind of culture that we have in the industry.” We believe that!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Celebs living a regular life

Given his success and popularity, you’d think he lives an extravagant life of unaffordable luxuries. But in reality, this is far away from the truth. He likes to live a simple life and likes to keep things low-key, with a laid-back, earthly conscious way of living. He owns three cars, all of them environmentally conscious vehicles, including one Tesla and one Toyota Prius. He also mentioned in the past that he’s grateful for having an abundant bank account only to have the freedom to choose the projects he wants to do, and not for splurging on expensive things.

Jennifer Lawrence

Celebs living a normal life

One of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, you’d be taken aback at the surprisingly frugal lifestyle of Jennifer Lawrence. She has admitted several times that she doesn’t feel comfortable flaunting her cash or using it for frivolous spending. That’s the true sign of a celeb living a simple life. Lawrence grew up in a modest household, where she was raised by a construction worker and summer camp manager. Rather than spending her childhood in the country club, she played sports and helped out at her mother’s camp. This background has helped her stay true to her roots.

Mark Zuckerberg

The man who revolutionised the way we look at internet and social media, Facebook-mogul Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire in every sense of the word. But the life he chooses to live is far from the wealth he possesses. In December 2015, he had announced that he would donate 99 percent of his Facebook shares during his lifetime. In fact, almost always spotted in a simple T-shirt, hoodie, and jeans, he has been unabashed and unapologetic about his uniform. “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community,” he had said.

9 celebs living a regular life despite owning millions in their bank accounts

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