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For French fans, Sylvie Grateau is the real star of ‘Emily in Paris’

Charismatic, independent, strong, and sexy, Sylvie Grateau, the 50-something character in Emily in Paris known for her sparkling wit and scathing remarks, is the favorite character of the show’s viewers in France, testifying to a sea change afoot when it comes to the appearance and attitudes of female role models over 50.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu was not supposed to have been able to play the role of Sylvie Grateau, the actress revealed to the website Salon. “Sylvie in Emily in Paris was meant to be for a much younger person….  it was written for a 35, 40-year-old woman,” she explains. And if the production had stuck to that idea it would have been a pity in view of the evolution of her character, resulting from, among other things, the boundless interest of the public. At more than 50 years old, Sylvie Grateau is not a housewife, nor a young grandmother or a passive character who has let herself go a bit. No, she is a free-thinking, independent, childless and powerful woman. And as such her character is rather unique in this kind of genre.

Women aged 50+: a revolution underway

In other words, this powerful boss of a communications agency is everything but a clichéd stereotype of views on aging and the passing of time. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have doubts, but she doesn’t let herself get caught up in limiting ways of thinking. On the contrary, she is a woman of action. A perfect role model for those who want to break free of the invisibility that has been plaguing 50-somethings for decades. And beyond her charisma, her verve, and her professionalism, she also stands out for her ‘effortless’ beauty, which French women are famously envied for around the world, as well as a sex appeal that puts her front and center alongside her co-stars.

And it’s a genuine accomplishment, since Sylvie Grateau, who could have been considered a secondary character at first, turns out to be the real heroine of the series — at least in the eyes of French viewers, according to a study from Taboola.* Based on its readership data, the report shows that Sylvie Grateau in Emily in Paris steals the show away from titular character Emily Cooper in the hearts of the French, and that she significantly outpaces the other two young female characters in the series, Mindy Chen and Camille. However, this opinion isn’t shared by British viewers, who prefer Emily Cooper and Alfie. Two countries, two distinct views on the show.

A gift for fashion brands

Not content to simply contribute to the evolution of certain social norms, the show “Emily in Paris” is also a global showcase for fashion brands. A fact accentuated by the numerous product placements observed in each episode, which have significant value given the 117 million hours of viewing time accumulated worldwide by the third season within just a few days of its release. That’s a lot of people ready to pull out their credit cards to buy the same bags, same jewels, or same clothes seen on the heroines of the show. Taboola reports more than 67 million page views related to luxury brands mentioned and/or worn in the series over the period from October 3, 2022 to January 14, 2023, compared to 39 million a few months earlier.

Louis Vuitton has clearly done well in this regard, with searches up 206% over the period analyzed — even though this period began, it should be noted, in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. Lanvin (+194%), Chloé (+91%), Gucci (+62%) and Dior (+57%) follow. And as for the most popular pieces, the beret, silver mini-skirts, and the thigh-high boots — not to mention the more eccentric accessories — these have met with unabated approval.

All that remains is to wait for the fourth season which, in view of the last episode seen to date, promises to be full of twists and turns for the favorite heroine of the French, Sylvie Grateau, who looks set to continue her professional ascent. As for the fashion brands, there is no doubt that they will compete with one another for the most creative on-screen appearances.

*Taboola analysed searches related to the show over an initial 5-week period prior to the Season 3 premiere (June 19 to September 25, 2022), as well as a 15-week period before, during and after (October 3, 2022 to January 14, 2023) in France and the UK. Among the luxury fashion brands worn by the show’s characters, Taboola saw an increase in searches to 39 million pageviews for the first period, and more than 67 million pageviews during the second period.

Hero and Featured Images: Photography Courtesy of Netflix

This story is published via AFP Relaxnews.

For French fans, Sylvie Grateau is the real star of ‘Emily in Paris’

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