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Netflix renews its show, ‘Indian Predator’, for Season 3

Netflix’s Indian true crime drama series Indian Predator has been creating quite the buzz ever since the first season. With the announcement of Indian Predator Season 3, fans of the show are excited to see what this season has in store.

On October 7, Netflix India took to its official Instagram handle to announce that Indian Predator has been renewed for a third season. It will premiere on Netflix on October 28, 2022, and is going to be as deadly and intriguing as its earlier seasons.

Indian Predator to come back for Season 3

While not much is known about the upcoming season, the title Indian Predator: Murder In A Courtroom does give an indication of the story. Netflix’s official description reads “A serial killer murdered by his victims, was it revenge or remission?”

Indian Predator Season 3

The earlier seasons of Indian Predator were all based on true stories, and shot in a docu-drama style. Season 1 was titled The Butcher of Delhi and told the story of an infamous serial killer, Chandrakant Jha. Directed by Ayesha Sood, the first season recreated the actions of the killer – complete with blood and guts, who gave the police quite a hard time before he was finally arrested.

Season 2 was titled Diary of a Serial Killer, and it was more gruesome and violent in its depiction of another infamous serial killer, Raja Kolander. With a kill count of over 15, Kolander was also accused of cannibalism and storing the remnants of his victims. This three-episode docu-series dates back to 2000 and follows the course of events over the next few years. He was finally sentenced to life on 30 November 2012 and is currently serving his term in Unnao jail in Uttar Pradesh.

It is no news that Indian Predator Season 3 will be based on a real story as well, which Netflix is bringing to you.

All Images: Courtesy Instagram/Netflix India

Netflix renews its show, ‘Indian Predator’, for Season 3

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