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Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses, urn and baby pics are up for auction

True-crime and serial killer content is trending right now, and a Vancouver auction site is taking the hype to morbid new heights. Hot on the heels of Netflix’s controversial DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story series, Cult Collectibles is now selling a number of the murderer’s personal belongings including his infamous glasses, legal documents and childhood photos.

The weirdest and creepiest listing? Undoubtedly an urn that once housed the notorious serial killer‘s ashes.

The urn is currently priced at US$250,000 (Rs 2 crores approx). It comes with a plastic bag that apparently contained the killer’s remains before they were given to his parents. For collectors on a budget, there are also more affordable options at the auction such as letters that were sent to Dahmer in prison (one random letter for US$100) (Rs 8,229), a tax return form for US$500 (Rs 41k approx), and a family picture depicting a 13-year-old Jeffrey Dahmer posing with his father Lionel and younger brother Dave.

Jeffrey Dahmer auction: Has anyone actually bought anything?

If you ask us, we personally wouldn’t want any of these things in our home (or anywhere near us, really). But there’s definitely a demand for such memorabilia — many of Cult Collectibles’ Dahmer listings are already sold. As of now, his baby picture (US$640) (Rs 52,671) and several signed items such as bibles (the most expensive at US$13,950 (Rs 11 lakhs approx) as it includes his handwritten notes) and a Thanksgiving greeting card he sent to his parents while incarcerated (US$2,740), (Rs 2.25 lakhs approx) are already off the market.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s aviator glasses — which he wore in jail and are priced at US$150,000 (Rs 1 crores approx) — aren’t listed on the site, but interested parties can purchase them directly through Cult Collectibles’ owner Taylor James.

According to media reports, James obtained Jeffrey Dahmer’s belongings from a housekeeper who used to work for Lionel Dahmer. This is far from the first time Cult Collectibles is auctioning such disturbing items — the company dubs itself “Canada’s largest cult and true crime murderabilia site” and specialises in artefacts associated with cults, criminals and pretty much anything horror-related.  You can view their full range here, if you’re keen.

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?

jeffrey dahmer auction
Jeffrey Dahmer. (Image: Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes/ Netflix)

Currently the subject of a much-talked-about Netflix TV series titled DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. He slaughtered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991, and sent shockwaves around the world when his deplorable acts — which included dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism — came to light. His horrific crimes have sparked numerous books, TV shows, movies and documentaries. You can find out more here.

The 10-episode DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story premiered on Netflix on September 21 2022 and has received praise for Evan Peters’ spine-chilling performance as the serial killer, while drawing criticism for its insensitivity to the families of Dahmer’s victims.

Riding on the buzz surrounding the series, a new documentary Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes detailing Dahmer’s confession through interviews, premiered on Netflix on October 7.

Watch Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Here

Watch Conversations With A Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes Here

(Main image: Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes/ Netflix; Featured image: Cult Collectibles)

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses, urn and baby pics are up for auction

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