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K-pop idols all aboard the like-share-subscribe train with their own Youtube channels

From revealing their best-kept baking secrets to offering a sneak-peek into the backstage of a concert – a few K-pop idols have turned to YouTube to get closer to fans. Here’s looking at a few that we’ve subscribed to.

Between music videos with high production values, luxurious brand deals, and glitzy award shows – the life of a K-pop idol can seem far removed from reality. However, behind all the glamour lie packed schedules, comfort cooking, and a genuine appreciation for the most mundane experiences. To give fans an insight into this, many popular stars have opened their own YouTube channels – incorporating their personal projects, vlogs, song covers, skincare routines, and more into them. We round up a few that are popular.

These K-pop idols have exciting and active YouTube channels

Blackpink Rose

The vocal powerhouse of one of the biggest girl groups in the world, Rose uploads song covers on her Youtube channel. She also gives fans a look at a day in her life, taking them through her official schedules. However, one of her most popular videos is quite personal – following her as she heads to a baking class to whip up some madeleines and financiers.

Blackpink Lisa

The dance-queen of Blackpink – Lisa was the first of the group to launch her own YouTube channel. The idol has experimented with a whole range of content styles – vlogs, reactions, dance covers, DIY-projects – the whole shebang. The other girls often appear in her videos, one of the more well-liked of which has her ambling about Seoul with fellow idol Jisoo.

Blackpink Jennie

The fiery main rapper of Blackpink has quite the soft, mellow lifestyle and personality. This comes through in her personal YouTube channel that has her talking about her everyday essentials in great detail and offering insights into her shoots and schedules. Her more talked-about videos involve her heading to bakeries around Seoul and picking up treats for people she works with as well as attempting to make mandu (Korean dumplings) with fellow member Jisoo.

Mamamoo Solar

Perhaps one of the most popular names when it comes to vlogging, Mamamoo’s leader Solar has quite the exciting YouTube channel. Known for her fun-loving personality, the singer’s personal YouTube channel is a potpourri of collabs with other artists, internet challenges, mukbang, cooking shows, dance videos, fitness routines, and an inside look at the group’s schedules and shoots. Her intro song – Solar-si-do- is catchy to say the least.

Mamamoo WheeIn

Most recently, Mamamoo’s lead vocalist and dancer – WheeIn – fully embraced the YouTube lifestyle. Her channel features behind-the-scenes looks at how she makes music as well as styling tips via ‘get ready with me’ videos. She also gives fans a look at her life as she dines at restaurants, watches a game, takes a personality quiz, or goes about her skincare routine. Her singles and dance videos are also a part of the mix.

Mamamoo MoonByul

Mamamoo’s choreographer and rapper Moonbyul only recently launched her YouTube channel. However, she’s since released a whole string of videos, featuring her answering fan questions, cooking up a storm for a party, and offering a peek into what’s in her bag. She also does lookbooks, does collaborations with her fellow members, plays video games, sings at a karaoke, goes camping, and reviews snacks, amongst other things. You’d be hard pressed not to be entertained.


K-pop royalty Bigbang have always remained quite the mystery – allowing their gritty raps and powerful videos to speak for themselves. However, Daesung has been around for quite a while, uploading his drum covers and unique, silent vlogs for fans to see. He also occasionally adds in his signature sense of humour to his videos, sipping wine, trying out fellow member G-dragon’s favourite restaurant or hopping on the ASMR trend. He also has a fun Q&A video that won fans’ hearts.


Former member of MonstaX Wonho gives fans an insight into his busy life through his channel. This takes you along as he works out, indulges in comfort grub, tries his hand at rock climbing, gives TikTok cooking experiments a go, and enjoys a staycation – amongst other things. That’s not all, the idol also has his own talk show that he spotlights here. One of his more popular videos is a ‘study-with-me’ feature that invites fans to join along as he concentrates.

CLC Sorn

Former CLC member Sorn is no stranger to internet stardom. The idol regularly takes to social media to share quirky Tik-toks on boys, friendships, life’s struggles, and everything in between. Her YouTube channel is quite the same – fusing her passion for music with everyday experiences. We’re talking music videos and song covers as well as pottery classes, skincare routines, random staycations, and more!

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

A recipient of the gold button – a mark of a million on the channel – Girl’s Day Hyeri has quite the versatile profile. It includes a reality show, styling videos, mukbangs, housewarming experiences, food tours, behind-the-scenes of shoots, and more! One of the more popular videos include her having a girls’ day with Blackpink’s Rose.

All images: Courtesy Blackpink Lisa and Jennie

K-pop idols all aboard the like-share-subscribe train with their own Youtube channels

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