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The return of jazz: Top 5 places to catch live performances in Mumbai

For the current generation, Jazz represents the vitality of the Roaring twenties where evenings were filled with glamour, live music, and dance. Now the Jazz culture is seeing a revival across the country. It started in the capital city of Delhi a few years back with The Piano Man Jazz Club and now it’s Mumbai’s turn to witness the change.

The opera gloves, tuxedos, and sparkling shoes may have been replaced by sneakers, edgy ear cuffs, and athleisure but the element of jazz music binding the evening together remains the same. As a host of live performances crop up across the city, we speak with Siddharth Sathe and Ashwin Mathur, hotel managers at St. Regis and Four Seasons, respectively, who handle the jazz evenings at the two venues. “With people looking for live sets in a relaxed and informal setup, more venues feel encouraged to curate jazz nights. Artists too play sub-genres that are not restricted to an ensemble–solo instrumentalists or two-piece bands play jazz fused with electro and funk, and so on. This works for spaces that can’t host a full-fledged musical group but seek to curate an evening of jazz for patrons,” says Mathur.

live jazz in mumbai
Siddharth Sathe Image: Courtesy St. Regis Mumbai

“Our choice of artists is going to be varied, not only music but also dance related to the jazz era. For instance, we have Ash Chandler who is a singer and performer, and can curate a variety show like ‘Limelight All Stars’ that was our most recent and successful acts,” says Sathe. The approach to an evening out has changed as well, Mathur shares. “Guests now look forward to live performances being a part of their socialising and are more engaged with the artists during performances. Gigs are no longer restricted to the weekends. Thursdays are the new Fridays and one even sees the occasional Monday live set drawing in a good audience.”

live jazz in mumbai
Ashwin Mathur Image: Courtesy Four Seasons Mumbai

“Various programmers and musicians in the country have agreed that there has been a ripple effect of increased education, exposure and audiences that have paved the way for a much-awaited Jazz resurgence,” Sathe says. He adds that, “Here at our hotel, the artists are given the freedom to program a performance,” showcasing the evolution of the segment.

On that note, here are the top five spots to catch live performances in the city.

St. Regis

‘Jazz Legends’, a monthly series is held at Luna Noda, St. Regis. New artists and sub-genres of jazz each month. You can get tickets on BookMyShow or contact the hotel for the latest performance.

Where:  462, Tulsi Pipe Rd, Lower Parel
Contact: +91 22 6162 8000

Four Seasons

Aer, the rooftop bar at Four Seasons is hosting jazz evenings every Thursday, making it an ideal way to catch the sunset spread across Mumbai’s skyline. Contact them to get information about the weekly performance and make reservations.

Where: 1, 136, Dr E Moses Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Worli
Contact: +91 22-24818444

Toast & Tonic

Their Gin & Jazz Junction is in its fifth edition this month. They ensure to host artists from across the country and line their evenings with exquisite gin cocktails. The next one featuring Anurag & Anubha is scheduled for November 30.

Where: Jet Airways-Godrej Building, Unit 1, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East
Contact: +91 22 2653 4722

Bluebop Café

When even the menu is based on jazz, you know it’s a space you need to check out. Several performances each week, catch Indian and international artists here. They’ve got performances lined this Friday and Saturday—pencil it in for a musical weekend.

Where: 318, Linking Rd, Khar, Khar West
Contact: +91 86551 92913

Bombay Jazz Club

Started by Bandra Base, this one’s for those who want to go out for the love of pure jazz. A platform that helps artists perform, interact, and let the creativity flow in front of a dedicated audience. No alcohol here, just music for that sweet intoxication. They have a jazz performance line up tonight, so hurry!

Where: Baitush Saraf Building, Off Waterfield Road, TPS 3, 29th Rd, Bandra West
Contact: +91 83291 10638

The return of jazz: Top 5 places to catch live performances in Mumbai

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