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Everything to know about September 2022 Mercury retrograde and how to survive it

Though planetary retrogrades are quite a common phenomenon, Mercury retrogrades are more pronounced than those of other planets and have a considerable effect on the zodiac sign it enters. The September 2022 Mercury retrograde is the third time the planet is going into a cosmic event this year.

The upcoming Mercury retrograde begins on 9 September and continues till 2 October, during which it spins backwards in Libra. In terms of astrology, the retrograde motion of the first planet in the Solar System can strongly impact things related to the star sign.

After this, the fourth and final Mercury retrograde is slated to begin on 29 December and will continue until 18 January 2023.

Here’s more about the third Mercury retrograde and how to survive its impact

What does Mercury retrograde mean?

To put it in simple terms, when a planet is said to be in retrograde motion, it appears to be moving backwards. This is an optical illusion which happens because the planet seems to slow down in this period, and Mercury appears to be revolving from west to east instead of east to west.

Like all other cosmological events, the Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to reflect and explore what the period holds and how the little things in our lives on earth can get affected by this phenomenon.

Mercury, nearest to the sun, represents the quick, sharp and clever. The ruling planet over all aspects of communication, such as transportation, thinking, logistics, planning and learning, has a strong influence over varied aspects of communication skills and romantic relationships. The retrograde motion is nature’s way of purposefully slowing things down and making us ponder over the past and present, our external surroundings and our inner soul.

When a planet is retrograde, its energy is channelled inwards instead of radiating externally. The same thing is manifested in the lives of people on earth. Whether it is about relationships or reacting to recent developments, this period can be unsteady for many of us; but if paid close attention to, the situation can be turned around and favourably used.

What to expect in the third Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde
Image credit: Carlos Kenobi/ @carloskenobi/ Unsplash

The Libra zodiac sign is slated to come under the maximum influence of this the September 2022 Mercury retrograde. This is the time when past failed romantic relationships can reappear. Sign of partnerships, balance and romance, Libra is all about powerful positive thinking. It is an air sign and appeals to the mental spheres, similar to Mercury. It ushers in full swing the idea of coming together, ideating and creating a harmonious relationship. Along with this, the air sign also allows one to take a step back and look at life objectively.

On 9 September, Mercury enters Libra and one might feel the urge to message a former romantic interest. The Mercury retrograde leaves Libra to enter practical Virgo on 23 September, making the second half even more powerful. Virgo’s energy is highly detail-oriented and ensures the highest productivity. However, while Mercury, the governing planet of this earth sign is in retrograde motion, it can induce anxiety and disturb the balance of thought. The retrograde is finally to get over by 2 October.

How to survive this Mercury retrograde

There is nothing to worry about during this transit retrograde period. Mercury goes retrograde every year and if you take a step back to view things from a distance and take rational steps, you can easily overcome this phase.

Surviving Mercury retrograde is all about focusing and not letting negative thoughts and provocations take over. Instead of going with the flow and hanging out with people you know are not right, it is better to focus on how to create something more productive. Try to remain flexible and analyse your thoughts before reacting.

How to avoid failures during this Mercury retrograde

During the Mercury retrograde, you can easily avoid failures and mishaps if you remember to take proper precautions. Avoid rash driving and double-check the directions you give others. If you have racing thoughts, consult a therapist and slow down to take stock of your life.

Don’t forget, if you are going through minor rough patches in your relationship, it can accentuate during the Libra leg of the retrograde. If the proportion of give-and-take in your relationship is at an imbalance, it could get heightened during this period. The key is to keep calm and wait for a good time to return.

(Main and feature image credit: NASA/ @nasa/ Unsplash)

Everything to know about September 2022 Mercury retrograde and how to survive it

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