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Looking back at the golden era of growing up with 9 Emraan Hashmi movies

Bollywood is not a kind place for newcomers, we all know that. But there was one actor in the early 2000s, who walked in and literally created his own genre. Emraan Hashmi’s movies were a coup de maître that defined that era of Bollywood. Not just his movies, Emraan Hashmi’s songs were a rage and till date, they find their place on the playlist of a true blue Bollywood buff.

Speaking of Bollywood buffs, here’s one that can never get over the era of Bollywood, and our childhood, that was dominated by Emraan Hashmi and his school of movies. Hand held by his uncle Mahesh Bhatt, Hashmi became the face of Vishesh Films back in the day. Bhatt films, romance-thrillers, Pritam’s and Himesh Reshammiya’s music, KK’s voice and Emraan Hashmi – this became the tried and tested formula for success. Here’s a look at all the Emraan Hashmi movies.

Emraan Hashmi movies that we grew up with


Emraan Hashmi movies

Even though Emraan Hashmi’s debut was earlier, Murder was his true coming into Bollywood. Murder was iconic in its own way, but it established Emraan Hashmi on the block. The Hindi remake of Unfaithful, Murder was way ahead of its time. The music, however, was a big hit, because it broke the stereotypes of conventional Bollywood music up until that point.


This Emraan Hashmi movie is a classic. A love story at its core, this was also intertwined with the one other thing India is crazy about – cricket. Jannat was based on match fixing and cricket bookies, against the backdrop of a soul-shattering love story. And of course, Emraan Hashmi songs never disappoint, right?

Raaz 2

While the first movie of this franchise goes down in history as one of the best Hindi horror movies, Raaz 2 was a slightly different ballgame. Still staying true to its horror genre, this movie brought in the hit pairing of Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut, packed in with a bunch of amazing songs!

Murder 2

Who else but Emraan Hashmi to do justice to the prequel that was a rage? This Emraan Hashmi movie saw him in a different avatar, sporting a new look and aimed to be raunchier than its predecessor. But what the audience really, really loved were the songs. Oh, and how can we forget, Murder 2 was also Arijit Singh’s debut in Bollywood.


This movie didn’t do great at the box-office back then, but it did exceptionally well musically. The album was a mix of different kinds of songs that resonated with the audience. However, Hashmi was appreciated as an actor for his choice of this unconventional role.

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

A box-office hit, and a musical hit, this Emraan Hashmi movie broke records and set new standards in Bollywood. This was also one of the movies that established Hashmi as the ‘serial kisser’ in Bollywood, again a crown that was bestowed on the actor way ahead of his time.


This Anurag Basu movie is a true classic. Dealing with a myriad of complex emotions, this movie was the pinnacle of Emraan Hashmi’s acting. Breaking from his lover boy image, Hashmi portrayed a patriotic role in this movie, of a police officer chasing a gangster. While he was the antagonist in the movie, his performance was lauded by one and all.


Of the more recent Emraan Hashmi movies, Shanghai was critically acclaimed for its impressive storyline, star cast and performances. Emraan Hashmi was phenomenal in the movie, as always. However, it was also a musical masterpiece, but it’s no surprise now, is it?

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

In a movie that belonged to Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi held his ground and shone bright like a diamond. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai is a legendary movie, for its take on the underworld history and of course, for its stellar performances. Oh, and did we mention the Emraan Hashmi songs?

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Looking back at the golden era of growing up with 9 Emraan Hashmi movies

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