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Move over K-dramas and binge-watch these 10 romantic Turkish dramas

While we’ve all waxed poetic about how crazy romantic K-dramas are, and how they have been setting unreal expectations to match the realities of modern dating, there’s a new surge of romantic dramas that’s been creating waves among netizens *collectively sighs*.

Enter Turkish drama; their intense plotlines and stunning actors have already struck a chord with millions and they now have a major fanbase across the globe – love, drama, comedy, romance; these dramas seem to have everything that one could ask for and the actors do not shy away from throwing in some intense stares that is sure to have you transfixed. With that in mind, let’s look at 10 Turkish romantic series that is sure to hit the spot, just like a good ol’ baklava.

Turkish romantic series that are a must-watch

Kan Cicekleri

Who doesn’t love a classic ‘hate turned to love’ story? We know we do. The series Kan Cicekleri emulates the same – a saga of love and revenge, this revolves around the protagonists, Dilan and Baran who end up together, not by choice but compulsion. In order to save her brother, Dilan agrees to marry Baran and end their family’s long rivalry. However, things don’t go well as Baran’s family starts torturing Dilan and this is where the story takes a turn. A relationship once marred by bitterness starts turning for the better as Baran’s emotions take charge. This one’s a great way to foray into Turkish romantic series.

Sen Anlat Karadeniz 

This Turkish romantic series had caused quite the stir over YouTube shorts a while ago – the story revolves around three individuals; Nefes, her husband Vedat and her love interest, Tahir. Nefes was married off to Vedat while she was a minor and hence resents her relationship with him. However, what is worse is that Vedat is abusive and pushes her to end things as it soon becomes overbearing. She finally finds refuge in Tahir after her marriage is doomed, and he helps her live freely after she was subjected to massive emotional trauma.

Son Yaz

Cute as a button, we all appreciate teenage romance and here’s one that will melt your heart. This Turkish romantic series is about Deniz, a 16-year-old boy (a total cutie, by the way) who meets his childhood crush on a vacation with his family at a beachside town! However, like every good show, it sure is tragic and bittersweet but hits all the right notes if you’re looking to wind up with some wine and a crushing teen romance on a weekend.

Afili Ask

One of the more prominent themes of romance drama has always been the class struggle; poor girl marries rich boy or vice versa and this Turkish romantic series is no exception. Afili Ask revolves around a young girl, Ayse who (against her wishes, of course) is married off to Kerem, a womaniser who’s also her boss’s son. Initially she had asked her boyfriend Berk to tie the knot with her but he fled at the proposal, and it sure doesn’t end there. She also has manipulative brothers to add to her torment. What is interesting to note however if how the two leads fall in love over time. Such a classic!

Bir Ada Masali

How about some office romance? This Turkish romantic series is all about big city girl Haziran meeting simple boy Poyraz, who is rather content with this life – but wait, he works in an olive factory! The place is perfectly quaint and makes for a great romantic background. Haziran is a corporate who has been sent by the company to hunt out prospective locations for a new resort and she ends up on the island. Now they may have plenty differences to begin with, but we seem to have a love story on our hands after all.

Cesur Ve Güzel

This Turkish romantic series will make you feel all sorts of ways – the plotline may be obvious but give us a killer romance and we’re good. The story is about a man, Cesur who wants to avenge his father’s death but ends up falling for the supposed murderer’s daughter, Suhan (we told you, so) He initially returns to his father’s village with every intention to exact revenge however, Suhan’s presence messes it all up, as he finds it hard to go through with the plan and his emotions get in the way. The story is high-strung and will have you glued to the seat in no time.

Siyah Beyaz Ask

One of the more prominent Turkish romantic series, the story revolves around a young woman Asli, a doctor who has devoted her life in the service of others, and makes for a strong female lead. One day she is abducted by a killer, Ferhat who forces her into marriage (does seem like a recurring theme) and in the process, she ends up in a corrupt family that is quite toxic. She still manages to keep her calm and lets her profession guide her. But it is her husband who she finds most intriguing, as he has a rather cold demeanour and lacks compassion. As she tries to navigate her way through the marriage, she soon realises that his wounds aren’t on the outside, they’re within him and ends up falling in love with his real self. We’re absolutely digging this one.

Bay Yanlis

While this one may sound a LOT like The Ugly Truth, hear us out. The story is about Ozgur, a wealthy but sloppy restauranteur who does not believe in love and then there’s Ezgi, who just wants a serious relationship because she is tired of meeting the wrong guys. Unfortunately, her relationship game isn’t quite at par and Ozgur decides to step in and help out by giving her tips and tricks on how to get the man she likes. (We see you Gerard Butler) Turns out, these two are also neighbours and who doesn’t love a brewing romance between next door? We rest our case.

Sen Cal Kapimi

Pretend relationships that end up in actual romance is perhaps one of the best plots ever – this Turkish romantic series checks all the boxes on the list. Eda is a bright young girl who is focused on getting her educational degree however, in a turn of events, her scholarship gets cancelled by Serkan, the heir of a holding group. But destiny had other plans for them as they find themselves in a fake engagement and Serkan wants to use this opportunity to hit back at his ex-flame for dumping him. What follows is a lot of banter, fake smiles and of course, cushy romance.


This Turkish romantic series is inspired by a book that goes by the same name. It revolves around an orphaned girl, Ferideis who lives with her aunt and attends a boarding school. Family plays a big part in this series as one would notice once the story unfolds. While visiting for holidays over time, Ferideis develops feelings for Kamran, her older cousin who by all means is every bit a charmer and this is the begging of the story – it takes the audience on a journey of budding romance and traces the arc of the relationship they embark on.

Hero and Featured Images: Courtesy Kan Cicekleri/Instagram

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