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Lend an ear: All the new indie music that deserves a spot on your playlist

Our tracking of what’s new and cool on the indie music scene brings us to this month’s round-up. With the festive and wedding season now open, not to forget the music concert season in full swing, it’s the perfect time of the year to experiment with your playlist. So go ahead and lend an ear to these releases by Indian artists.


Rapper Ahmer has released a mixtape, ‘Inqalab’. As he explains in his Facebook post, it emanated from his experience of the revocation of Article 370 in Kashmir, and how he channeled his stressed and depressed state into creating music. Four tracks make up the mixtape, which the rapper has produced himself, and speaks out against the situation in Kashmir. Raw and heartfelt, it showcases what the people of Kashmir go through at a personal level due to the constant strife.


new music releases in india

If you’re looking for Hindi music, the new album by the band Mannfarid is your friend. ‘Mehviyat’ has songs that’ll have you reminiscing and give a head rush at the same time, and not in a bad way. Together since 2012, this is the band’s first album, and can be described as progressive rock. It is definitely an attempt in the direction of words moving you from the inside and tapping tunes moving you on the outside.

Sitar Metal

Bringing together the growing metal music community in India and the classical sitar is the band Sitar Metal. They are the world’s first sitar metal band, and their first album that shares their band’s name has been lauded both within and outside the country’s borders. With guitar and sitar both hard at play, and an unpredictable rap number in this 40-minute album, you wouldn’t lack for high energy moments. Sitar Metal is also set to perform in Jaipur and Bengaluru in the coming days, you can get details for the same here.

Aranyer Dinratri

new music releases in india
Image: Courtesy Ali Bharmal

‘Aranyer Dinratri’, the LP by Disco Puppet (Shoumik Biswas) is an eclectic set of songs. Taking its name from the eponymous Satyajit Ray film, ‘Aranyer Dinratri’ translates to ‘days and nights in the forest’, showcases his keyboard skills as it brings out the eternal existential crisis. The LP features titles in both English and Bengali and each song flows into the next seamlessly. Being called Biswas’ most mature work yet, it’s worth a listen for those who love to discover new music.

Diverse Delusions

‘Diverse Delusions’ is a solo album released by Claver Menezes, who’s been on the indie music scene for close to 30 years and is known for his impeccable guitar skills. Hard Rock being his genre of choice. Featuring 19 tracks, Menezes has managed to rope in several guest artists, such as Nikhil Raj Uzgare and Sherrin Varghese, and you can tell it’s from the heart with the way he’s played around with the songs. A tinge of nostalgia to rock music of the past, yet not set in any definitions or rules, Diverse Delusions a freewheeling album.

Lend an ear: All the new indie music that deserves a spot on your playlist

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