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Which terrifying real story did Netflix cover in ‘Indian Predator’ 2?

Netflix is back with the second season of its docu-series Indian Predator, this time titled Diary Of A Serial Killer. But did you know which real story is being covered in Indian Predator 2? Let’s find out.

In July 2022, Netflix debuted its Indian true-crime docu-series Indian Predator, with the first part Butcher of Delhi. It followed the real story of Chandrakant Jha. And now the series is back with its second part that’s based on yet another gruesome real story. Indian Predator 2 released on Netflix on September 7 and here is the real story behind it.

Real story covered in Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer

This season of Indian Predator is based on the infamous case of Raja Kolander, who is an alleged cannibal with a kill count of over 15 people. The timeline of this three-episode docu-series dates back to 2000, when Dhirendra Singh, an Allahabad-based journalist went missing.

His body was found mutilated with the head separate from the body. The investigation and the then new-age technology of phone tracking led the police to Raja Kolander who had made a call from the journalist’s home after murdering him. Interestingly, the call was made from Singh’s mobile to a landline number under the name of Phoolan Devi and her husband Raja Kolander, based in now Prayagraj’s Chheoki neighbourhood.

How did the police discover Raja Kolander’s monstrous crimes?

As the police started investigating the journalist’s case and got the lead of Kolander, they soon were led to a farmhouse in Naini, from where Kolander was fleeing away in a Tata Sumo. The shock they received when they found out that Kolander not only murdered his victims, but also liked to cook and eat their brains, became the turning point of the case. Not just that, later he would also paint the skulls and hang them by a thread from the branches of a tree outside his Naini farmhouse.

Kolander confessed to killing the journalist and as the details of the case kept unearthing, it got more and more media coverage and went on to become one of the most notorious cases.

The police discovered the diary of Kolander from his Naini farmhouse, which served as the site of most of his killings. The diary offered more graphic details of his cannibalistic tendencies and that is what the real story of Indian Predator 2 is based on.

Where is Raja Kolander, the man in-focus in Indian Predator 2, now?

Even though Kolander was arrested way back in 2001, it took the police more than 10 years to charge him with the murder of the journalist and others. On 30 November 2012, Raj Kolander, along with his brother-in-law and partner-in-crime Vakshraj Kol, was sentenced to life where Dhirendra Singh’s murder was classified as a ‘rarest of rare’ case. They are currently serving their sentence in an Unnao jail.

Cannibalism has always been a topic of interest and new findings for mental health professionals. In Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer as well, the docu crew has managed to get exclusive interviews with Kolander. And that’s what the USP of this season is going to be.

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Which terrifying real story did Netflix cover in ‘Indian Predator’ 2?

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