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Elon Musk to set foot on the silver screen: Documentary officially under works

It is never a dull moment with Elon Musk. With his space voyages, Tesla cars and the Twitter takeover, Musk is all over the media for various reasons. And now, an Elon Musk documentary has officially been set by Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney.

Gibney, who is critically lauded for Going Clear: Scientology and Prison of Belief (2015), won the Academy Award for best documentary (featured) for Taxi to the Dark Side (2008). This upcoming documentary, with the multi-billionaire at its centre, is already under production for a few months.

More details about the upcoming Elon Musk documentary

The creator’s take on the documentary

Elon Musk documentary
Image credit: TED Conferences/ Ryan Lash/ AFP; Alex Gibney/ IMDb

One of the most eccentric heavyweights of Silicon Valley, Musk never fails to grab attention. And directing such a person is no cakewalk. Variety reports that Gibney made the official announcement of the film on 6 March 2023, and that he is “hugely excited” about directing the CEO himself.

Gibney is known for taking a stern look at various subjects such as Scientology and jaw-dropping scandals through his films. And now, as he helms this project, Guardian quotes Gibney saying, “I have been working on this film, off and on, for some time and am hugely excited about it. I am delighted by this extraordinary group who are working with me. Onward!”

Gibney describes the documentary as a “definitive and unvarnished examination of multi-billionaire tech entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter.”

The crew of the documentary

The film is being produced by Jigsaw Productions with Closer Media, Anonymous Content and Double Agent. Closer Media founder Zhang Xin calls the documentary “a rigorous portrait” of Musk that shall “take on the challenge of examining Musk and his impact on the world.”

For Jigsaw, Gibney and Jessie Deeter are set to produce the film with Stacey Offman and Richard Perello as executive producers. Joey Marra and Xin are onboard as producers from Closer Media with William Horberg executive producing. From Anonymous Content, Nick Shumaker and Jessica Grimshaw come as producers with Dawn Olmstead and David Levine as executive producers. Additionally, Dana O’Keefe shall produce on behalf of Double Agent, while Teddy Schwarzman, Michael Heimler, Yariv Milchan, and Michael Schaefer are executive producers too.

Further information about the documentary including release date and the platform is still awaited.

Other documentaries featuring Elon Musk

With a personality as remarkable as Musk’s, there’s bound to be a lot of curiosity. Some of the recent documentaries based on him include Elon Musk’s Crash Course (2022) by the New York Times Presents at FX, and Return To Space (2022) helmed by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi.

The tech giant reached the peak of media attention with his USD 44 billion Twitter takeover in 2022. He then made headlines with his attempts at restructuring the company and bringing in new user experience. He lost the apex position as the world’s richest person to LVMH owner Bernard Arnault, but reclaimed the position recently after Tesla prices surged and boosted his net worth by almost USD 7 billion (INR 5,72,42,71,00,000), making it reach USD 187 billion (INR 1,52,91,98,11,00,000).

(All USD conversions done at the time of writing)

Hero and featured image: Courtesy Suzanne Cordeiro/AFP

This story first appeared on Augustman Malaysia.

Elon Musk to set foot on the silver screen: Documentary officially under works

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