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Tense, taut, can’t wait for more! ‘The Family Man’ Season 2 ending explained

Tense, taut, can’t wait for more — The Family Man Season 2 ending explained.

It takes a lot for a show to remain interesting and binge-worthy in successive seasons. There were so many holes I could poke into The Family Man Season 1, despite which I found it a gripping watch. I got into season 2 prepared to be disappointed, but what happened instead was the series began with a multi-track narrative that maintained a steady pace right to the explosive end.

The Family Man Season ending explained

Whether we were watching Srikant Tiwari’s (Manoj Bajpai) struggle with the monotony of a corporate job, Suchi’s (Priyamani) inner conflicts, Raji’s (Samantha Akkineni) growth as a ‘soldier’, the ruthlessness of international politics – the pace remained the same across the season – fast enough to keep you engrossed, slow enough to build strong backstories and nuances to each character.

The Family Man Season 2 ending explained —

The Family Man Season 2 incorporates so many elements that each of us can identify with – abusive nicknames for bosses on phone contacts, expensive gifts for children to make up for a lost time, the north-south divide in the workspace (so well addressed in this series), the daily sexual harassment women experience, the emotional upheavals of a marriage, PTSD, teenage tantrums, and politics. Here is a series that showcases India’s might on the intelligence front in ways this country needs to see more of, and with human characters – not the glass-spitting, fly-through-windows-wannabe Radhe types.

The Family Man Season ending explained

The end of season 2 leaves its viewers with a high – there is a clear build-up to another season. It begins with Suchi saying she has something to tell Srikant. Their marriage has been on the rocks for a while, and Suchi has been carrying the guilt of a possible transgression with Arvind (Sharad Kelkar) – but is that what she wants to say? Or is she simply telling Srikant about her upcoming trip to the USA on behalf of the company?

Dhriti has had to grow up overnight – her typical over-confident teenager self has been ripped to shreds by her kidnapper, who was also her love. Having been beaten and tied up in captivity, she kills her lover and this can impact her character in the next season.

JK, with whom Srikant shares a lovely camaraderie, is on shaky ground with his recovery. Will he be the one to get into a corporate job in the next season and will Umayal still be around?

The Family Man Season ending explained

And of course, the last sequence indicates that a Chinese operation in India is underway and will take off from Arunachal Pradesh. Named Operation Guan Yu (a Chinese warrior), it is interesting to see how this track will be pursued – especially on the heels of one related to Pakistan and the other to the Tamil Eelam.

Tip of the hat to cinematography that is mind-boggling in the single-shot action sequences. Also to bring in real characters from the south and not caricatures as is the norm. Perhaps the only grouse would be the unnecessary change in skin tone for Raji, but then, you can’t ask for it all.

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Tense, taut, can’t wait for more! ‘The Family Man’ Season 2 ending explained

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