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What is the real story behind ‘Indian Predator: the Butcher of Delhi’?

True crime and Netflix go hand in hand. Today, we’re deep diving into the real story behind its recent release Indian Predator: the Butcher of Delhi. 

Produced by VICE India, Netflix’s recent release is a true crime show that is spine-chilling, hard-hitting, and packed with instances that will put you on the edge of your seats. The three-part documentary follows the life of an infamous serial killer, who turns out to be a nightmare for the police force. And if you enjoy a classic true crime drama, you’re bound to enjoy this one. We find out the real story behind Indian Predator: the Butcher of Delhi. 

Indian Predator: the Butcher of Delhi real story

A riveting, gripping, and disturbing tale of crime, this show is based on Chandrakant Jha who committed a series of murders shook Delhi. Directed by Ayesha Sood, the feature recreates the actions of the killer – complete with blood and guts.

The notorious serial killer not only ruthlessly murdered his victims, but also dismembered them and scattered their body parts across the city.

The killer’s first victim was found on October 20, 2006 in front of Tihar Jail gate number 3, with a mutilated body. Jha was reportedly irked by the police’s slow-paced investigations, toying with them by repeatedly asking them if they had found any clues. He even went so far as to ask for the Station House Officer’s number to point them to the scene of the crime, noting that he’d left the body in that very spot because the officer was stationed there.

He was later arrested. However, this was on a false charges and the police had to let him go due to lack of evidence. On April 25, 2007 a different body was placed in the same spot, with anatomical parts being found at different places. While the investigation for this was underway, another corpse was found in a similar fashion shortly after.

This continued, until the police, with the help of their sources and informants, found a man who looked a lot like the circulating sketches and description.

How did the real killer finally get caught?

Post this, the police were able to trace the doctor who was looking after the notorious man. The officers had to go undercover and wait for Jha to call the doctor to set up an appointment. They then interrogated the doctor at the Tagore Garden Police Station, where he revealed the identity of Chandrakant Jha.


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Even so, the police wasn’t successful at arresting Jha at first, since he did not show up to his appointment with the doctor. The interrogation, however, continued until the police found out that the doctor’s brother-in-law was an acquaintance of the killer. On being questioned, he revealed that Chandrakant owned a three-wheel cart with an engine attached to it. Soon after, the investigating officer was able to spot the cart while scouting the Alipur area and the killer was arrested at his home.

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What is the real story behind ‘Indian Predator: the Butcher of Delhi’?

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