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What we loved: 7 quotes from the Priyanka Chopra Jonas-Oprah Winfrey Interview 

The famous Priyanka Chopra – Oprah Winfrey Interview decoded and made meme-worthy for your morning reading.

Quick-witted, smart and filled with punchy taglines – Priyanka Chopra always makes sure her interviews are peppered with everything you need to live that goal-oriented, ambitious life. The global star has recently announced the Oscar 2021 nominations alongside her husband Nick Jonas and is the first Indian actor to do so. And let’s not forget that she’s riding on the success and the nomination of her latest movie The White Tiger which is also co-produced in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. 

And then, there’s her book, Unfinished which is already a New York Times bestseller and Youtube is filled with her interviews with talk show hosts and actresses like Drew Barrymore to give us that slice of life and excerpts from her book. And oh, bang in the middle of all this, Chopra announces the debut of her Indian restaurant in Manhattan called Sona that will soon open the doors and Nick Jonas regales us with the food that’s just gonna knock our socks off. We’ll just say, in the last few months, the one person who was relentlessly in the news is Priyanka Chopra Jonas and all for good reason. And that too in the pandemic where some of us just made banana bread as Jimmy Kimmel jokes. Which is why this interview with none other than the queen of sass, Oprah Winfrey is a winner on all counts just because Oprah ends up bringing out a new dimension into the conversation. 

Priyanka Chopra - Oprah Winfrey Interview
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Super Soul is a show on Discovery + that is known to bring together interviews with popular figures from around the world – from showbiz to royalty ( we’ve already updated you with our Meghan Markle interview). Yes, it’s two smart women discussing a book, life and ambition – what’s not to love. But we will admit, that after watching the show, we came back with a few memes, a little inspiration but most of it isn’t something we already didn’t know. As vocal as Priyanka is of her love for India, her book and her family – everything seems to have already been said, more than a few times, in her book and on the internet. 

The one thing that shook us up is the fact that Chopra was beamed into the show at Winfrey’s home in Maui from London – great use of technology there and perhaps an opportunity to stay in the news, for all the right reasons. Dressed in a powder-blue pantsuit, the global star kept her makeup pink and peachy with just the right amount of highlighter on her shoulder bones. Apart from the friendly banter on spirituality and Nick Jonas, we got glimpses into Chopra’s hard times and the concerns she had before she married Nick.

Here are the 7 takeaways from the Priyanka Chopra – Oprah Winfrey interview that we loved –

On her biggest cheerleader, her dad

I miss most about him just how unabashedly proud of me he would be in the littlest things. Even if I am having dinner and my plate is clean, my dad would be excited. If I wore a dress that I liked, my dad would be excited. From the littlest thing to the biggest thing, he would be the loudest in the room. I miss the noise, the excitement he had, the joy and investment he had in my life and just how excited he used to be about everything about me. I do feel that he’s been instrumental in me being where I am today. 

Priyanka’s partnership with Nick 

He’s such a self-assured man, so sensible, so excited about my achievements, my dreams… you know. Such a true partnership he offers me everything that we do together, that I truly believe that my mom manifested him because that was her marriage. She had a marriage of partnership, they worked together, they lived together, they built a life together in equal partnership and I saw that growing up. I found exactly what I grew up with and I let it happen. 


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On her mom’s advice to her 

My mom always told me that I should be financially independent, from the age of seven. Who says that to a 7-year-old? 

On her faith being tested 

I flew my dad to Singapore, New York, Europe, India, everywhere just to do whatever I could to prolong his life. It’s such a helpless feeling. I was very angry, my relationship with God changed a little bit… but then at the same time, I feel like God helped me find salvation and come out of it too. 

On why it made sense to write a book

Honestly, I also feel like I, as a woman, I’m in a little bit more of a secure place, where I felt like I could leave behind the insecurities of my 20s and like not worry about things that used to scare me before as much. I have a little bit more confidence in myself. What I bring to the table professionally, personally… so that really helped me address my life. 

 Priyanka Chopra - Oprah Winfrey Interview
(Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

On having an opinion and being cherished

My parents always made sure I had an opinion about everything. My views were valued and as a child I felt cherished. 

On bullying in school and self-worth

I think high school is hard anywhere, right? And to be coming of age, to understand your body as a woman and at the same time to be devalued for something I can’t change or you know I wasn’t even aware of the fact that this was something I should feel embarrassed about. But I guess when I was made to feel like, did my clothes smelled funny when I walked by a hallway or did people smell curry or you know little things like that at 16 are so detrimental to a sense of self-worth, your sense of self.

What we loved: 7 quotes from the Priyanka Chopra Jonas-Oprah Winfrey Interview 

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