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5 healthy and delicious meal plan services in Chennai

Somewhere between the cumbersome task of cooking and racking my brain for healthy meal plans, I made a discovery — wholesome meals catered right to your doorstep. It may take some trial-and-error to find a service that’s the perfect fit, but once you do, meal-time is a treat! Here are five catering and meal plan services in Chennai that serve up some delicious and healthy food.

Lean On Me

Their healthy meals are absolute treats! Lean On Me’s scrumptious menus feature pasta salads, burrito wraps, poke bowls, Asian salads, and more. And judging by their positive reviews and testimonies, their clients agree and keep coming back for more. If you’re looking to detox or get your health in order, they even have an official nutritionist on board to verify your meal plans.

Price: Average pricing is about Rs 2,750 (non-vegetarian) or Rs 2,500 (vegetarian) for five meals.
Contact: DM on Instagram for queries, subscription, or any sort of food specification.

Healthy Chef Co.

Founded by diet counsellor and nutritionist, Maria Priyanka, the Healthy Chef Co. offers a wide variety of meal plan services in Chennai suitable to keto, low-carb, and other diet plans. She sends over set meals, somewhat like bento boxes, for each client, filled with protein, carbs, and all the goodness your body needs. Whether it’s grilled fish, egg, and salad or a box of lightly stir-fried veggies with rice, you’re sorted!

Price: ½ a kg of healthy bakes for about Rs 1000 – 1600 (e.g cupcakes, dark chocolate cake, etc.) & meals are around Rs 17,000 for a month.
Contact: DM on Instagram

Fit Chef Chennai

Shitija, of Fit Chef Chennai, calls herself a ‘Holistic Health Ninja!’ She’s a food, fitness, and lifestyle expert. She’s a whiz in the kitchen, at making gluten-free or dairy-free desserts and meals under 400 calories. Her food satisfies all cravings: Thai-style coconut curry with veggies and grilled chicken, whole what crepe’s, and so much more. Her menus are available on the highlights of her page on Instagram.

Price: Rs 525 for vegetarians and Rs 575 for non-vegetarians per meal.
Contact: DM on Instagram or email her at uppal86@gmail.com.

A Salad Company Chennai

meal plan services in Chennai

These guys are experts at delivering healthy and yummy assortments home or to your office. Their food has a wholesome vibe so you won’t miss your tiffin at all. They do lunch and dinner, whipping up options like gyros, ragi tortillas, kebabs, and more.

Price: Five days of vegetarian lunch or dinner is about Rs 700, while non-veg is over Rs 800.
Contact: Find out more on www.asaladcompany.com.

Atithi Khana

And if you’re over all that diet stuff, opt for simple home-cooked meals from Atithi Khana. They deliver everything from vegetables (farm-fresh) to ready meals. They do everything from Maharaja North Indian Thalia to Paromita & kurma, or even millet pizzas!

Price: They charge about Rs 150 – Rs 200 per meal.
Contact: DM on Instagram

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