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8 top chefs have shared recipes for their signature dishes

Time is of essence right now and so are these recipes by top chefs that can help you cope with the lockdown woes over the weekend. We found eight top chefs who have given out drool-worthy recipes on their social media handles.

Gaggan Anand’s home-style Chicken Masala

Award-winning chef Gaggan Anand, the man who propelled a modernist approach to Indian cuisine, has shared his recipe for chicken masala, perfect to be eaten with roti or rice (“NO NAAN,” he says).


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1,2,3,4,… Times like these when you cook alone.. Chicken 🍗Free range 500 grms Cumin seeds 1 pinch Green cardamom 2 no. Black cardamom 1 no. Bayleaf 3 no.🌱 Red onions 250 grams sliced 🧅 Garlic 50 grams🧄 Ginger 15 grams shredded Green chili to taste whole 🌶 Black salt to taste Turmeric a pinch Coriander 1 sprig 🌿 Tomato 1 no chopped 🍅 Oil 2 table spoon Method Take a heavy bottom pan, In hot oil throw in cumin and whole spices then add in the sliced onion cook them slowly in medium heat for 20 mins occasionally stirring and until they just start to caramelize. Next add in the garlic green chilies and ginger and then cook for short 2-3 minutes and add in the chicken and keep cooking stirring gently. And season with salt. This chicken I used is country chicken so it takes a long time too cook perfect for this recipe Always cover the lid so moisture from cooking remains and becomes part of the recipe occasionally can very little water 20- 30 ml try to cook in low heat and keep stirring every 5-8 mins. Then add the chopped coriander with stems, stir and cover then next is tomatoes and cover again Followed by turmeric and now chicken should only be cooked 50 % and keep it covered, Occasionally stirring is very important as the onions can stick in bottom of pan and get burnt and Gove bitterness we need to get the sweetness of the onions bye slow cooking, the technique watch the video again and again..repeat the process in about 40-45 mins by then it should be cooked then no water should be left and all the vegetables become the masala, portion in a bowl “We make it better together we make a better life, becoz the pressure is ever upon us every night, And every day so we pray and we will forever fight, we make it better together we make a better life, and I, I’m a one way motorway I’m the one that drives away Then follows you back home I, I’m a street light shining I’m a wild light blinding bright Burning off alone ” UR not alone and enjoy it with your loved ones with break roti or tortilla or rice and NO NAAN bread please. And in times like these you learn to love again.. 💚 #hugmeismelllikecurry #gaggananand

A post shared by Gaggan⚡️⚡️Anand (@gaggan_anand) on Apr 24, 2020 at 7:48am PDT

Thomas Zacharias’ Kerala Fried Chicken

Chef T Zac of Bombay Canteen gets nostalgic while sharing his famous Kerala fried chicken, which by the way, you could also cook with vegetables.

Shilarna Vaze aka Chef Chinu’s Ragi Almond Pancakes

In a super cute family video, Chef Chinu teaches her followers how to make simple ragi almond pancakes for a supreme breakfast in the lockdown.


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We started out the LOCKDOWN strong! Schedules, breakfasts on high chair, lots of outdoor terrace time, Montessori activities, cooking non-stop, lots of family bonding. Almost a month full of very constructive behaviour. Then last week we devolved a bit. The constant playing ‘happy family’ began to take its toll and Z insisting that we all be together ALL THE TIME as well as dropping her nap (50% thankful that she now at least sleeps early, 50% whyyyy God whyyy). My mum and I fought (something about her putting nail polish on Z which of course spiralled into plumbing the depths of our relationship) Zanu, like any criminal mastermind of repute, used this chink in the armour of the grown-ups to unabashedly manipulate us into screen time (we have been allowing her half an hour before dinner as a #lockdownexemption to digitaldetox and even eating in front of said screen and generally screaming bloody murder if she was opposed. Today I take back control! Maybe it’s this book (of course it is, by now if you know me, there is always some book 😂) called French Kids Dont Throw Food recommneded by my insta-bestie @komalbasith that talks about teaching kids patience as the key concept. Instant gratification is why apparently they dont sleep through the night, eat their veggies, sit at restaurant tables or many such related problems. Today I will bring back structure and sanity into our lives. And woe unto those in my family who dont follow the guidelines. Z included! Oh here is that Ragi Almond Pancake Recipe so many of you wanted! It went up yesterday on @tweakindia (love their content!). Ragi Almond Pancakes (Gluten-free) Ragi flour 3/4 cup (can replace with atta, maida, amaranth flour, banana flour) Almond meal 3/4 cup (can replace with cashew or any nut powder or just put in maida/atta 2 tsp baking powder 2 eggs 1 cup almond milk (the actual recipe has milk but I needed to finish my almond milk!) 5 tbsp butter (can replace with nut butter if vegan) 1.5 tbsp raw sugar (can replace with white sugar, maple syrup, date syrup) Pinch of salt Butter for brushing pan Garnish Mangoes Melted kulfi (genius move) Method in comments

A post shared by Shilarna Vaze aka Chef Chinu (@chefchinuvaze) on Apr 23, 2020 at 9:01pm PDT

Maria Goretti’s Fugiya

Technically her father’s recipe, Goretti took to Instagram to show her loyal legion of food lovers how to make yummy fugiya, a kind of balloon bread, at home. One can eat it with Vindaloo, Sorpotel, Chicken curry, Gavar bhaji, Vaal Vang etc.

Wagamama’s Katsu Curry

In the first episode of British restaurant chain Wagamama’s ‘Wok From Home’ online series, executive chef Steve Mangleshot teaches how to make Katsu curry at home. Recipe so good, it’ll take you right down wok memory lane.


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welcome to episode one of ‘wok from home’. we asked you guys what you wanted to cook this week and it looks like a lot of you are missing your katsu fix. so, here it is. in all it’s glory. chicken katsu curry 🍛 – the sauce | serves two – 2–3 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 onion, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, crushed 2.5cm piece of ginger, peeled + grated 1 teaspoon turmeric 2 heaped tablespoons mild curry powder 1 tablespoon plain flour 300ml chicken or veg stock 100ml coconut milk 1 teaspoon light soy sauce 1 teaspoon sugar, to taste – the dish | serves two – 120g rice (any rice will do!) 1 quantity katsu curry sauce 2 skinless chicken breasts 50g plain flour 2 eggs, lightly beaten 100g panko breadcrumbs 75ml vegetable oil, for deep-frying 40g mixed salad leaves

A post shared by wagamama_uk (@wagamama_uk) on Apr 8, 2020 at 10:01am PDT

Joel Robuchon’s classic mashed potatoes

Want to make Michelin-starred mashed potatoes at home? Take notes of this recipe by French ‘Chef of the Century’ Joel Robuchon (even The New York Times swears by this).

Pierre Hermé’s Half-baked Chocolate Cake

Bored at home with nothing to satiate your sweet cravings? Pierre Hermé, renowned French pastry chef, offers the perfect answer with his absolutely divine half-baked chocolate cake.


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🇫🇷 Aujourd’hui nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter la recette du gâteau au chocolat mi-cuit tout simple de Pierre Hermé 😋👉 un moule à cake classique beurré et fariné. 250 g de beurre doux 🧈 à température ambiante, 180 g de sucre 🧂, 200 g d’oeufs 🥚, 70 g de farine tamisée, 250 g de chocolat Guanaja 🍫 (@valrhonafrance) fondu. Mélangez dans l’ordre et versez dans le moule. Faites cuire à 180 degrés 30/35 minutes ⏱️ et laissez refroidir. A déguster sans modération ! . . 🇬🇧 Today we have the pleasure to present you Pierre Hermé’s simple recipe for the perfect half-baked chocolate cake 😋👉 a buttered and floured cake mould. 250 g of soft butter 🧈 at ambient temperature, 180 g of sugar 🧂, 200 g of eggs 🥚, 70 g of sifted flour, 250 g of melted Guanaja chocolate 🍫 (@valrhonausa). Mix the ingredients in the above order and pour into the mould. Bake in oven 180 °C for 30/35 minutes ⏱️ and leave to cool. Are you ready? 😉

A post shared by Maison Pierre Hermé Paris (@pierrehermeofficial) on Apr 5, 2020 at 2:11am PDT

EXTRA: Disney’s Churro Bites

Sure it’s not from a chef, but we trust anything coming from the kitchens’s of Disney. Best of all, veer your kids away from television, and get them to help you prepare this mouth-watering churro bites recipe.

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