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Best of ‘Food & Dining’: Our top 10 stories from 2020

As Lifestyle Asia India turns two, we look back at our top-performing and best-loved ‘Food & Dining’ stories from the past year.

Homemaker to celebrity: How Chef Asma Khan got the world eating out of her hand

Asma Khan
Image: Courtesy Asma Khan Facebook

From living in Kolkata to being a homemaker in the UK to becoming a celebrated chef, Asma Khan has broken the glass ceiling in more ways than one. Her appearance on the Emmy-nominated Netflix show Chef’s Table in 2019 made her the first British chef to feature on it. Her award-winning book Asma’s Indian Kitchen made it to bestseller lists, and her restaurant Darjeeling Express has been a must-dine-at hotspot in London for sometime now. Her Indian home-style cooking, a mélange of royal Mughlai and Bengali–from aloo biryani to raan to beetroot raita–has all of London hooked. For a journey that started only six years ago, Khan’s rise has been meteoric. Lifestyle Asia spoke to the multi-faceted chef on her rise to fame.

Video: Marco Pierre White on why India is emotional for him

Over a series of quick-fire questions, we chatted with the legendary Chef Marco Pierre White.

Bookmark these 15 home kitchens in Bengaluru to satiate all your cravings

Mother Promise Kitchen
Image: Courtesy Mother Promise Kitchen

The lockdown effectively eliminated dining out from the list of leisure activities. While that is slowly inching its way back, home chefs have been whipping up a culinary storm, and the people of Bengaluru are spoiled for choice. From Kashmiri Mutton Yakhni to American Burgers, handmade pasta to rustic banana-leaf wrapped biryanis, this was our edit of what the best home kitchens in Bengaluru are offering.

The 8 luxury mithai makers to turn to this festive season

Arq Mithai
Chocolate Besan Laddoo. Image: Courtesy Arq

Handcrafted, innovative, and blending traditional Indian with international flavours, luxury mithai in India has been getting bigger with each festive season and celebrity wedding. So we rounded up the seven must-try brands for your dose of luxury mithai.

Wake up and smell the coffee: 7 artisanal Indian roasts you should be sipping

Image: Getty Images

Thanks to a bunch of homegrown coffee brands, more and more Indians are savouring their coffee the artisanal way – where the focus is on high-quality beans that highlight India’s single-origin estates, roasted by hand in small batches to ensure freshness, and finally, ground as per your preferred method of brewing. Think French press, moka pot, aero press. We rounded-up seven top artisanal Indian coffee brands.

Stellar brunch recipes that’ll turn your mornings around

Not a morning person? No problem. We curated a bunch of drool-worthy brunch recipes that promise to turn your mornings around when you’re in #WFH mode.

These brands will deliver amazing artisanal cheeses to your doorstep

The Spotted Cow Fromagerie
Image: The Spotted Cow Fromagerie

For a country that is said to be one of the world’s largest dairy producers, Indians’ taste for cheese, especially the artisanal variety, has been been guarded. But that’s slowly changing. With the rise in demand for gourmet products, from chocolates and ice cream, to honey and tea , the demand for artisanal cheeses is also on the upswing. In this edit, we collated the popular artisanal cheese brands around the country that deliver right to your doorstep.

Crafty with cocktails: Try these famous tipples from our favourite books

Image: Courtesy (from left): Tim Nusog/Liquor.com; Amazon
Image: Courtesy (from left): Tim Nusog/Liquor.com; Amazon

Every great cocktail has a story, and interestingly enough, many a great story features a cocktail. It is intriguing to find how great a reflection of the times and tastes many of these novels present — cocktails and drinks that feature in books bring something to the story that other literary elements often can’t. The main character is distressed; he drops his Bourbon. The lovers go on vacation; they drink a gin and tonic on the train. A child is born; champagne for everyone. A cocktail accompanies the tale. From modern-day icons to old-school favourites, we put together some of the best cocktails from our favourite books.

These FnB establishments in Bengaluru are ensuring the needy don’t go hungry

The Oberoi Bengaluru
Image: The Oberoi Bengaluru

The lockdown resulted in several restaurants and F&B establishments downing shutters for customers. But that didn’t mean their kitchens went silent. This story was a look at how some organisations and restaurants were feeding the hungry in Bengaluru, and how people could help.

Clean living 101: Get your organic food from these sustainable farms in India

organic farms in India
Image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Sources of finding organic fruits and veggies are restricted to farmers markets or supermarkets and even then, you may not know the extent to which these offerings are organic. So it really boils down to locating an authentic source. If you’re looking for healthy and holistic produce to improve your lifestyle, we found nine farms in India where you get guaranteed chemical-free, seasonal, organic produce.