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The rise of fresh, ready-to-cook artisanal pasta (and where to find it)

The pandemic has given birth to many trends. If you’re backing one for lasting long after COVID-19 leaves us, the upsurge of artisanal pasta in India would be your best bet.

Fresh pasta, tasting like it’s just delivered from Italy, right at your doorstep. Till eight months back, this existed primarily in pasta lovers’ imagination. However, as is the cycle of life, with the bad comes the good (hey, what’s delicious Italian fare without dramatic expression?). While the COVID-19 induced lockdowns meant a halt to all the restaurants doing artisanal pasta in India, it also led to the advent of small-batch, ready-to-cook options prepared in home kitchens.

artisanal pasta in india
Image: Courtesy Cafe Dal Cuore

From chefs to food enthusiasts, these pasta deliveries sprouted across the country, where they make hand-cut, hand-rolled pastas, paired with a choice of sauces. All you have to do is pop it in boiling water, and it’s ready to be gobbled in about less than five minutes. Some can be frozen and stored as well, for the respective prescribed duration.

artisanal pasta in india
Image: Courtesy La Cucina

For the talented chef couple, Hanisha Singh and Jamsheed Bhote, who are behind the splendid restaurant Plats (Delhi), starting ‘Pasta Thursdays’ was a way to bring their “pasta experiments to life”. They started this four months back in addition to delivering dishes from the regular restaurant menu, and it became one of the capital’s best pasta-at-home experiences in no time. Eggless, stuffed, hand-rolled, and perfectly balanced sauces – they’ve got you tasting Italy right here in India.

artisanal pasta in india
Image: Courtesy Our Pasta Lab

Pasta Dal Cuore is based out of Gurgaon and has monthly menus. This home kitchen was started by Ayesha Seksaria in June, a producer at Amazon by profession and pasta-maker by passion. She’s also done a course in pasta making from Italy, and offers entirely hand-made pasts, with no use of machines. Hence, so two pieces will ever look the same, and that’s the beauty of it at Pasta Dal Cuore. Delhi NCR also has Our Pasta Lab and Cafe Dali, which opened about three months back.

artisanal pasta in india
Image: Courtesy Cafe Dali

Bengaluru has The Artisanal Pasta Company, also started in June, by Harshit Garg. He learnt the art of making fresh pasta by a friend’s grandmother, in Italy itself—it doesn’t get better than Italian teaching you how to cook. He makes sure to send fresh garnishes with his deliveries, completing the experience of a fresh-off-the-stove meal. Another home kitchen in the city is Con Amore, started in May by Vaishnavi Biyani. They have weekly menus and do naturally coloured pastas—red, purple, orange, green, yellow, a rainbow! They do a lot of herbed pastas, think thyme fettuccine, pepper & paprika tagliatelle, and such.

artisanal pasta in india
Image: Courtesy Tocco

Tocco in Chennai was started around the same time as the rest, about five months back. By Santhaya Subramaniyam, you can get ravioli with flavours like activated charcoal, quinoa & spinach, among the rest. Mumbai saw La Cucina come up, along with regular boxes they also do customise DIY kits. Pick and choose from their options of fresh, handmade pastas, veggies, sauces, cheeses, and garnishes to create one of your choices. The city also has Piccoli’s and Cacio-e-Pepe, but these had started long before the coronavirus era. The kitchens offering artisanal pasta in India will continue to grow for the time to come, and there’s only one thing for us to do—celebrate nonna-level pastas delivered home.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the spaces mentioned above for you to pre-order your box, pronto.

Artisanal pasta in Delhi


They do heat and serve pastas as well as DIY options, a weekly menu for every Thursday. Best eaten fresh, but can be frozen for two weeks. Order via Instagram or WhatsApp +91 88821 55809.

Pasta Dal Cuore

They take orders through the week and do deliveries on weekends. Check the menu on Instagram and order via WhatsApp, on +91 98105 77069.

Our Pasta Lab

They take orders during weekdays and deliver from Friday through Sunday. Available via Instagram.

Cafe Dali

Order via Instagram of WhatsApp on +91 98188 88858.

Artisanal pasta in Mumbai

La Cucina

Place your orders on weekdays, via Instagram.


Place your orders via Instagram.


Contact them at +91 96194 03108 or check their website.

Artisanal pasta in Chennai


Order via Instagram or WhatsApp on +91 91508 69900.

Artisanal pasta in Bengaluru

The Artisanal Pasta Company

Order via Instagram or WhatsApp on +91 99866 56598.

Con Amore

Contact them on Instagram or WhatsApp on +91 72041 85053.

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