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Make fermented food recipes at home using everyday stuff in your kitchen

Fermentation is a metabolic method where organisms like yeast and bacteria turn sugar and starch into gases, acids, and alcohols. In short, it’s a process that can take food from ‘good’ to ‘better’ or even ‘best.’

With a good look around, you’ll see that we are surrounded by fermented foodstuffs, from condiments like ketchup and hot sauce to chocolate, coffee, cheese, pickles, and even sourdough bread. When done right, fermented food is one of the healthiest foods we can consume to maintain and enhance good health. If you’re currently working from home or plan to master the art of fermentation, here are some of the best recipes you can try out to start with.

The Complete Guide to Fermenting Vegetables

Kimchi Made Easy At Home

Vegetables taste great on their own but imagine how you could take their flavour profiles up a notch just by simply fermenting them. Pro Home Cooks, just like its name suggests, has pro tips on how you could ferment just about any vegetable you like.

When talking about fermented food, kimchi often tops the list. The Korean dish deserves its own section. Deuki Hong will show you step by step how you can easily make kimchi at home just like Korean eomma.

Homemade Ketchup

Fermented Hot Sauce

Amp up your French fry session with fermented homemade ketchup that will blow everyone’s mind.

Milk Kefir 101

For a kick of pungency to add to your dining table, this fermented hot sauce is the way to go. The deliciousness is the reward that will cater to any spicy heat fanatics.

Tips & Tricks for Successful Fermentation

Much like yoghurt but in a thinner version, kefir is fermented milk crafted from kefir grains with an extra oomph of flavours and health benefits. It is a probiotic-rich drink.

For those who wish to step up their fermenting game, this video by Brad of bon appétit will showcase all the things you need to know to dive deep into the world of fermentation. Consider it a very useful 101.

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