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8 biggest diet myths busted to step into a healthier 2022

After having navigated our ways through two years of a pandemic now, we have spent more time indoors than ever. So all across the world, we are taking fitness more seriously than ever before. And with the beginning of a new year, we are here with the biggest diet myths busted.

As we are taking a healthier approach to our lives, it is very easy to lose track of what’s right with the information overload all around. So, we have taken the task of busting some myths and fads for you, so that you can be better informed and make more nutritious choices.

Diet myths busted in 2022

Myth: You have to go on a low-carb diet in order to lose maximum weight

diet myths busted
Low carb diet. Representative image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Truth: Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. If you cut off carbs, or consume less than what your body normally needs, you will start feeling fatigued and exhausted all the time, to the point where you will have no energy to do anything. The point of adopting a healthier diet is to feel better through food, not tired.

So, the trick is to consume healthy carbs in the form of vegetables like potatoes, brown rice, whole-grain breads, etc.

Myth: Fat-free food bought from the supermarket help with your diet

diet myths busted
Fat-free food. Representative image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Truth: You would be surprised at how much calories and sugar these “fat-free” foods contain, especially if they are packaged. Your key goal to fitness is to keep your calorie intake in check. So, in the process of consuming something that is labelled and marketed as free of fats, if you end up consuming more calories, your diet goals will not be met anytime soon.

Myth: Skipping meals in order to keep your calorie count in check

diet myths busted
Skipping meals. Representative image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Truth: That is one of the biggest mistakes we make. In order to consume a certain amount of calories on a given day, we tend to skip a meal, thinking we have made a healthy choice. Well, that doesn’t help. If you are hungry, it is tough to make healthy diet choices. So, for the meal that you skip, you end up consuming more on your next meal, out of hunger. Another diet myth busted.

You can still eat all your meals and keep your calories count in check. How you ask? The answer is portion control.

Myth: A 7:00 pm dinner is a healthy choice

diet myths busted
Early dinners. Representative image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Truth: It is if you are someone who calls it a day and is in bed by 10:00 pm. If you are a late sleeper and still consume your dinner at 7:00 pm, you are doing it wrong. The idea is to eat a light meal 2-3 hours before bed and give your body the time to digest the meal slowly since your metabolism gets slower at night.

So, if your ideal bedtime is 12:00 am, the ideal time to have your dinner is by 9:00 pm.

Myth: There are fat-burning foods that you can eat to aid your weight loss process

diet myths busted
Fat-burning food. Representative image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Truth: There aren’t any. The idea that a food item can single-handedly burn your fat is totally wrong. Food doesn’t burn your fat. You need to partake in physical activities in order to burn calories that aid your fat loss. Trust us for busting diet myths like a pro!

So, the wise choice is to consume food that is low in calories, so that you maintain your calorie deficit.

Myth: Some forms of sugar are healthier than others

diet myths busted
Healthy sugar- myth busted. Representative image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Truth: Sadly, no. Yes, white, processed sugar is our common enemy for a lot of reasons. But that doesn’t mean jaggery, honey or agave will help you keep your calorie intake in check. Strictly speaking in terms of calorie content, all sugars are high in calories.

Myth: Eat fewer fats in order to lose fats faster

diet myths busted
Cutting out fats. Representative image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Truth: Forget what your dadi and nani told you. The truth is, you don’t have to eat less fats in order to burn fat faster. What you need to do, though, is to choose healthy fats every time. Food items like nuts, seeds, fish, olives, etc are sources of healthy fats that your body needs in order to maintain its nutrition and normal functioning.

Myth: Drinking more water helps in your weight-loss diet

diet myths busted
Drinking more water to lose weight. Representative image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Truth: Drinking water definitely comes with a bag full of benefits and we would need a separate article to list those out. But drinking more water will have no effect when you’re trying to shed off those kilos. It flushes out toxins from your body, so you end up feeling fresher and healthier, but it does not make a difference to your weight loss goals. Biggest diet myths busted.

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