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Chard: Delhi’s new burger outlet is here to serve the juiciest double patties

Chard – Burgers and Beyond is the newest entrant in Delhi’s delivery scene, making sure every bite is worth your time, money, and comfort!


Burgers are synonymous with comfort food. And that comfort is best experienced at home, or any place of reassurance, really. However, the only challenge is time — the time between packing hot food to getting it delivered to your doorstep turns it into a sloppy mess that you didn’t pay for. And here to counter this problem is Delhi’s newest burger grill joint, Chard – Burgers and Beyond. Brought to you by chefs Hanisha Singh and Jamsheed Bhote, who also run Plats in Malviya Nagar and Over Easy in Saket, Chard is an extension of what they call nostalgic, comfort food with a gourmet, chargrilled twist.


The hottest new find for burger connoisseurs, Chard in Panchsheel Vihar, takes pride in making every layer of a burger on their menu from scratch. From the cheese sauce to juicy and piquant patties — you can eat it an hour after delivery, and it’ll still bring promise taste distinction. They have also managed to balance the bun-patty ratio. Unlike several other fast food joints where big buns give away the illusion of its size and cheat on the meat, Chard adds double patties to most of their burgers, staying satisfactory to both taste and price.


There is an amalgamation of cosmopolitan flavours, merging European and Asian flavours that will leave you wanting more. ”Travel is our main influence behind Chard. If you see our menu, there are a lot of Japanese and Korean flavours that make our burgers unique,” stated Hanisha Singh. Like Katsu Sando (a panko-crusted chicken patty, cheese, Tonkatsu mayo, Japanese egg salad, Togarashi) and Hotmess (a double tenderloin patty, Korean bulgogi glaze, kimchi, gochuchang spread, fried egg, sesame and scallion). And to top that off, the burgers are chargrilled, a rare find in Delhi.

Besides burgers, they have sides such as Dirty Bacon Tots, Ghost Chilli Fries (highly recommended), Barbequed Chipotle Chicken Wings, and more. You can also order desserts, shakes, dips, and beverages from Chard.

All images: Courtesy Chard

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