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The most comforting stew recipes for a post-vaccination meal

Nothing beats a warm bowl of your favourite comforting stew when you’re feeling under the weather, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes.

Times are tough right now, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who are receiving their vaccination shot soon, you might have heard of the minor side effects that come after. You name it: Fever, cold chills, lethargy, and a slight headache. Don’t worry, it just means that it’s working and that your body is getting used to it too.

However, those side effects vary on each person, and we’ve got just the thing to help you or your family by overcoming these side effects. First of all, bed rest is a must, and the next is by keeping yourself hydrated at all times — this is very important. What comes after is what meals you can whip up in the kitchen to conquer those cold chills and fever.

Well, you’re in for a treat, because we’re here to assist you on what you can make for yourself and your family after receiving your vaccination shot.

Read on to check out the most delicious and comforting stew recipes we’ve curated for you


What’s good for you

Fancy a hot bowl of soup? We’ve got you covered with our list of stew recipes. Image: Courtesy Monika Grabkowska/ Unsplash

It’s been said and passed down through generations that cooking broth-based soups are the perfect remedy to overcome your cold and fever. But do you know what’s good for you? Having components like garlic and ginger does have its benefits that can help the immune system fight these infections. Yes, you’ve probably heard these from your mum or grandma, but this old-school remedy does its job and is worth passing down to your future kids too. We know how incredibly strong these two are, in terms of taste, but the medicinal purposes it brings to your body does work wonders.

Whether you want to add these two into your tea, or as a hot broth, it’s entirely up to you. Do keep in mind that having hot broth when you’re unwell, helps keep the nasal passages moist, prevents dehydration, and fights inflammation. And oddly enough, spicy food does help with a natural decongestant (only if you feel like the flu is on the way), if you need help clearing out your sinus passages.

For a quick fix, here’s a step-by-step guide to follow below if you want to whip up your own ginger-garlic soup at home. 

Other recipes to try at home

This immune-booster soup is going to help you shake those feelings off when you’re in bed resting. It’s quick and contains ingredients that you probably already have at home. With turmeric, ginger and garlic broiled in this hearty pot, it has all the food components you need to clear you up. If you must know: the kale includes healthy nutrients you need to remove toxins from the body and the best part? It’s delicious too. Just add santan (coconut cream) into the pot for extra flavour.

Don’t worry, we have plant-based options for our vegan friends too. With four stew recipes to choose from, you can either learn how to make minestrone, vegetable noodle, roast tomato with garlic, and lastly, quinoa and butter bean with spinach stew. These stews aren’t just for vegans, but also great for those who are looking for tasty alternatives, in case you run out of meat at home.

If you’re on the hunt for an easy-going soup that’s delicious yet packed with flavours, this is one of the best recipes to try. Not only will you be surprised to find most of these spices and ingredients in your kitchen already, but it’s a familiar taste to what your parents have cooked for you in the past. Full-bodied in taste and smell, this hearty bowl of soup has a fiery kick and is definitely the “kick” you need to feel 100 per cent.

Last but not least, we’re adding in the good old-fashioned chicken soup. You can’t go wrong with comfort, in a form of a warm bowl in hand to devour, especially when you’re craving creaminess and chicken to go in your meals. Add a side of bread rolls to dip into the soup, and you’ll be set for the next few days.

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur

Hero and featured images: Courtesy Brooke Lark/ Unsplash

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