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The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to many changes, and it’s not all bad. One of the nicer side-effects has been experiencing your favourite restaurants at home–and an addition to that is the start of retail product lines. So, if you’re looking to bring a few of the most loved restaurants to your pantry, give these a try.


Fig & Maple

Chef & Owner Radhika Khandelwal has launched a line of artisanal foods at Fig & Maple, ‘Signatures’. Offering dips, sauces, and flash-frozen appetisers, the range is GMO- and preservative-free, sourced from sustainable farms across Delhi NCR, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan. “Some of India’s time tested superfoods have been looked at in an insular and traditional manner. Signatures is an effort to not only make these ingredients accessible but also encourage the use of these in everyday meals,” she says.

Rooted in Khandelwal’s core values of sustainability and agrarian biodiversity, these products have been formulated with the use of modern culinary techniques whilst employing India’s nutrient-rich seasonal produce. Herbs & Pepper Sous Vide Chicken, Moringa & Cream Cheese Dumplings, and Raw Mango Thecha are some of the dishes on their evolving menu.

You can order here.

Mamagoto, Sly Granny & Dhaba Estd. 1986


From the same group, three popular pan-India restaurants have begun retailing their products during COVID-19. Their ‘At Home’ line is a collection of gravies, sauces, dips, and curry pastes to bring the restaurant experience to your dining table. Chinese stir fry, Kung Pao sauce, Chilli Oil Thai Red Curry paste, and Canteen Momo sauce from Mamagoto help those Asian cravings.


For Sly Granny, you have a range of pasta sauces and dips. Aglio-E- Olio, Curry Leaf & Mustard Mayo Dip made with crushed curry leaves, mustard seeds and curry powder, and more make for a comfort meal treat.

For an Indian feast, gravies, marinades, and fresh pickles, all made by our Dhaba’s chefs in small batches, and completely preservative-free are available.

The three restaurants are present across several Indian cities, you can find yours for order here or call +91 85888 94564.

Big Fat Essentials

The Big Fat Pizza and Big Fat Sandwich family have a new member, Big Fat Essentials. Catering to all your pantry needs, their new venture has kasundi mustard, bagels, sourdough, cream cheeses, hummus, pesto, jam, almond butter, brioche, and more.

If you’re missing cafe food during COVID-19, they help you bring it home the best way possible–with ready to eat meats as well. Order online here or WhatsApp them on +91 98106 46118.


Kitchen Garden By Suzette

kitchen garden by suzette

Kitchen Garden by Suzette has begun the Kitchen Garden Deli that’s your go-to for all pantry needs. They have spreads, dressings, organic fresh produce, meats and cold cuts, cheese, breakfast combos, party platters, and more on offer. From snack for one to a whole picnic basket, they have you covered.

You can order here.

Nara Thai

nara thai mumbai

Who doesn’t want coolers in the monsoon? Nara Thai is retailing their iced teas. Infused with traditional Thai herbs, these healthy teas are not your usual flavours. Pick from lemongrass, butterfly pea, and many other flavours. Call +91 98204 52036 to order.


yauatcha mumbai

Yauatcha is now retailing their signature Chilli oil, Chilli garlic sauce, and Pickled vegetables. Get a bottle (or many) of your favourite for the perfect accompaniment to your meals. Dim sums, stir fry, rice, and noodles are ideal pairings with these bottles.

Call +9198203 20842 / +9198201 92068 to order.

All images: Courtesy restaurants