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Tickle your tastebuds with these 11 Delhi street foods that are a must try this winter

If there’s something as famous as Delhi’s food, it’s the Dilli ki sardi. Delhi’s winter is not just a season, it’s a celebration. Marry these two, and you get the best winter street foods in Delhi. After a long, scorching summer, winter in Delhi is the perfect time to let something else sizzle- piping hot food on your plate.

Like every city, Delhi has its own delicate tales of love with food. Back from the Mughal era to the more bougie, contemporary culinary scene now, food has always been a driving force for the people of Delhi. While high-end fine dining invaded decades ago, Delhi’s heart still lies in its street food in the lanes and bylanes of the city. With winter, as everything has come alive, there’s no better time than now to gorge on the winter street food in Delhi.

Winter street food in Delhi to keep you warm this season

Daulat Ki Chaat

Delhi street food
Image: Courtesy pinkfluencerr/Instagram

This one requires no introduction. In fact, for most people, winter street food in Delhi itself means this unique chaat. It’s not famous for just how it tastes, but also for how it is made. Thick and full-cream milk is constantly churned to scoop out the foam, which is then scooped and kept separately, until it forms a heap. Then sugar, khoya and dry fruits are added to this heap. This is a winter-special treat, because during high temperatures, the milk foam will melt and collapse.

Ram Laddoo


Delhi street food
Image: Courtesy tonguetwisters___/Instagram

This delicious street food in Delhi is made from a batter of lentils, it is soft on the inside with a crunchy crust. Served with grated mooli and a chutney on the side, ram laddoo, just like shakarkandi ki chaat, is everywhere. All markets, big and small, have pop ups that are constantly frying these laddoos and serving them hot, thus making them a great option for winter street food in Delhi.

Nalli Nihari

Delhi street food
Image: Courtesy skoranne/Instagram

Succulent pieces of mutton shanks cooked in magnificent spices and flour for about four to five hours, Nalli Nihari is the kind of dish that holds the mirror to the huge age-old Mughal influences in Delhi’s food. Pair with a soft, fluffy Khameeri Roti and it can soothe even bruised hearts.

Hot parathas

Delhi street food
Image: Courtesy indianfood1000/Instagram

While parathas are enjoyed all across India, Delhi has a sacred connection with parathas. Proof? Scores of paratha joints all around, and a lane just dedicated to parathas. Possibly one of the best winter street foods in Delhi one can think of, there’s nothing like digging in some piping hot parathas with a cup of chai.

Kharode and Magaj ka Shorba

Delhi street food
Image: Courtesy chefakofficial/Instagram

Kharode ka Shorba or paya soup is a common mutton dish that’s a popular street food in Delhi. In winter, Magaj or the brain is added to the soup to make it not more delicious, but also extremely nutritious. Slurp on a bowl of hot soup on a cold Delhi winter night.

Kulhad Ka Doodh and Jalebi

winter street food in Delhi
Image: Courtesy spicycurries/Instagram

Rabri and jalebi is a common delicacy and we all know it. During winter, Delhi gives this classic street food a hot twist. Most sweet shops and local markets in Delhi serve kulhad ka doodh, that someone is constantly stirring in a hot cauldron, until the milk is thickened and then mildly spiced. Dunk a couple of jalebis in it and you have one of the best winter street foods in Delhi.

Safed Gajar ka Halwa

winter street food in Delhi
Image: Courtesy yashmishra91/Instagram

A common winter street food in Delhi, specifically in Old Delhi, this one is a unique delicacy. It follows the same process as regular gajar ka halwa. The only difference? It is made from white carrots. Grated white carrots, milk, sugar and dry fruits, this halwa has a mushier and softer texture as compared to the red one. Head over to any eatery in the Jama Masjid area and treat yourself to a bowl of hot safed halwa.

Soup and momos

street food
Image: Courtesy eat_food_yumyum/Instagram

Momos in Delhi is a different ball game altogether, mostly served with mayo and chutneys. While they are great on their own, winters call for something hot and warm, to soothe your insides. That is why, momos served with a bowl of piping hot clear soup is the best of both worlds. Where to find them? Head over to Dilli Haat.


street food
Image: Courtesy punchoftwist/Instagram

What can be better than some deliciously hot malpuas topped with creamy rabri on a cold winter afternoon? But let us warn you of the food coma much in advance!

Shakarkandi ki chaat

shakarkandi chaat
Image: Courtesy roshanara_food/Instagram

Where to find it? Everywhere, quite literally. If you are an outsider who wishes to spend a winter in Delhi, you will find stalls and sellers selling this chaat in every nook and corner of the city. Steaming sweet potatoes that are roasted on wood fire and then served with a sprinkle of spices and lemon juice make for one of the best, most loved winter street foods in Delhi.


Image: Courtesy thechefbychance/Instagram

A heartwarming winter favourite, panjiri is a dry, sweet snack prepared during this time. Whole-wheat flour or atta, fried in sugar and ghee and packed with dried fruits, nuts, panjiri is known to induce heat in the body and aids in healing the aches and pains caused during the cold.

Hero Image: Courtesy Sean Bernstein/Unsplash; Featured Image: Courtesy food_paradise_sanju/Instagram

Tickle your tastebuds with these 11 Delhi street foods that are a must try this winter

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