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Eat like Emily in Paris by ordering in buttery croissants from these cafes in Mumbai and Delhi

It might be a while until you can put on a beret and stroll the streets of Paris to find Insta-worthy pictures like Lily Collins in Emily in Paris. But you can grab some buttery, flaky viennoiserie and come up with your own Parisian scene, right from the comfort of your home. All you need is an appetite, stellar Insta skills, and a list of cafes that serve delicious croissants in Delhi and Mumbai.

Now a symbol of French culture and tradition, croissants began as an Austrian invention and quickly became French when bakers in the country made it with puff pastry. The buttery, yeast-leavened dough is sweet in flavour and pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee and a side of Parisian bylanes.

With the current restrictions in place, however, we can’t quite jet to the city of love, and bite into crescent-shaped goodness just yet. Thankfully, we can count on these cafes and bakeries in Mumbai and Delhi that are serving up some delicious, authentic, and fresh croissants. Whip out your phones and place a pick-up or delivery order from these spots and you’ll soon feel like you’re in La Ville Lumière yourself.

Best croissants in Mumbai

1. Subko Coffee Roasters


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For croissant connoisseurs in the city, nothing beats the balanced flavour and flaky texture of the ones on offer in Subko. And for good reason. Chef Daniel Trulson spends three days combining his technical know-how with raw materials from Indian bakeries to produce layers and layers of perfection. The baked goodies here come in three variations, the classic Subko croissant, the Subko twice baked, and the Subko stuffed with unique ingredients. Their speciality coffee pairs deliciously well with these light croissants.

Contact: +91 90047 00654

2. Mag Street Bread And Co


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This bakery aims to raise the quality of breads available in the city and do everything by hand with the help of high-quality Indian ingredients. It comes as no surprise, then, that their croissants are heavenly. On offer are light and fresh butter and almond croissants. They also have a strawberry croissant which consists of mascarpone cheese and fresh strawberries. Those who’d like to gift a pack of these or like portioning out their indulgences can go for the mini butter or almond croissants. Vegetarians can opt for the eggless butter croissant. We’re spoiled for choice here!

Contact: +91 91371 26325

3. Saltwater Cafe


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Indulgence is the name of the game when it comes to croissants at the Saltwater Cafe. Not only are they loaded with butter, they’re also generously sized, with a golden-brown hue. And there’s plenty to choose from! On offer are the almond croissant with almond cream, chocolate croissant with pistachio cream, ham and cheese stuffed croissant, and the classic croissant. Other options with croissant dough include the pain au chocolat, passion fruit kouign annan, and cinnamon twist. Scrumptious!

Contact: +91 86575 31985

4. Toujours


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An elegant patisserie that specialises in custom-designed cakes, the croissants here are baked-to-order and a local favourite. The classic croissant aside, you can pick from almond croissants, gruyere-stuffed croissants, and Nutella croissants. And if you’re indecisive like us when it comes to baked goodies, they offer assorted and miniature combinations. We predict a bit of binge eating with these.

Contact: +91 9867676070

5. Plate and Pint


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A cosy bistro serving up delicious brunches and desserts, the croissants here come in the classic flavour and check all the boxes of what a perfect bite of the crescent baked delight should be like. Soft, crunchy, flaky, buttery, and pleasantly sweet. They’re also generously sized, which makes them the perfect option for when the midnight cravings kick in.

Contact: +91 70453 61991

6. CocoCafé


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While we’re on the subject of generous portions, we couldn’t help but feature the delicious croissant sandwich at this pretty space. The meal includes blistered tomatoes, fresh garden pesto, arugula leaves, and rich burrata. This is what Parisian breakfast dreams are made of!

Contact: +91 72088 26812

Best croissants in Delhi

1. Cravity


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Located in Hauz Khas, this space is known for whipping up croissants that are the perfect examples of French viennoiserie. Classic croissant aside, the almond croissants with buttery, flaky layers and almond cream topping come highly recommended by the locals. And if you’re more of a savoury person, they currently have a mushroom croissant sandwich with aromatic herbs on offer.

Contact: +91 1141767979

2. The Artful Baker


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A delightful patisserie that’s known to have drool-worthy baked goods on offer, we aren’t surprised by how many people who walk through its doors, walk out with several croissants in tow. Bite into the flaky goodness of a classic croissant with distinctive layers within and have it as is or with cream cheese or chocolate spread. You could also go for something more substantial with their croissant sandwich stuffed with truffle-infused mushroom. You’re going to want to order extras from here.

Contact: +91 98711 18099

3. Breads & More


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As the name suggests, this chic spot which derives inspiration from French baking serves up all things baked and a lot more. This includes delectable, golden-brown croissants. And there’s something here for everyone. Those who like all things savoury can go with the garlic cheesy croissant, ham and cheese croissant, or a chilly chicken variation. Those with sweet teeth can grab an almond croissant and butter croissant, and perhaps pair it with some chocolate spread. We can’t pick!

Contact: +91 11 4100 4855

4. L’Opera


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A French pastry and bakehouse with branches across the city, you can’t get more authentic than the croissants on offer here. Choose from the almond croissant with smooth almond cream, classic croissant with an apricot glaze, or flaky croissant with dark chocolate. Also on the menu is a croissant with emmental cheese, croissant with scrambled egg, and croissant with ham and cheese. These are worth all the extra hours of home workouts.

Contact: +91 95999 65662

5. Bread Talk


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A Singapore bakery chain whipping up all kinds of baked deliciousness in Delhi NCR, this spot serves up croissants that are the perfect cheat day indulgence. Soft yet crunchy, their croissants ooze chocolate in every bite and are aptly referred to as choco lava croissants. We recommend ordering in several because one is almost never enough.

Contact: +91 96250 04964

6. Theobroma

A household name when it comes to all things baked, Theobroma is all about the French coffee and croissant combo. Their dough is doused in butter and the flaky layers are almost too pretty to eat. Grab a few for an early evening snack with some cream cheese, chocolate spread, or an extra serving of butter.

Contact: +91 81828 81881

We’d lay off the calorie counting for this one!

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