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8 incredible chefs to follow on Instagram for some plant-based inspiration this Veganuary

The new year calls for new resolutions and if yours is to go vegan or eat more plant-based in 2022, we recommend following these incredible chefs whose Instagram pages are proof that a life of eating vegetables is far from being a saga of endless bowls of underdressed salads.

Over the years, numerous studies have placed plant-based diets right at the top of the list of the healthiest diets to follow. And every late December, or early January, many take the plunge and switch out all the steaks and eggs in their refrigerators with fruits, vegetables, and seitan. What often follows is a long adjustment period of reading labels, figuring out the right macros and micros, and running out of options to cook at home, all up until the resolution (just like most resolutions) is as distant of a reality as the joy of the holidays that went by.

However, if you’ve decided to give the plant-based lifestyle a try in 2022, this doesn’t have to be the trajectory you follow. We’re setting you up for success with our roundup of incredibly talented and creative chefs who take to Instagram regularly to share recipes, thoughts, and tips on all things plant-based. Not only do they challenge common notions of vegan food being boring and limited, but they also have the most unique takes on how to produce a meal that caters to your culinary preferences and dietary restrictions. Besides, their Instagram feeds are major gastronomy goals.

Follow these creative chefs for some plant-based inspiration this 2022

1. Gaz Oakley


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A post shared by Gaz Oakley 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@avantgardevegan)

YouTuber and author of several vegan cookbooks, Gaz has years of experience working in a professional kitchen behind him. In part, this has contributed to him creating some of the most awe-inspiring vegan meals, from watermelon fillet and vegan meatballs to chestnut pannacotta and apple and blackberry tarte tatin. The Wales native, who goes by the alias Avante Garde Vegan on his blog, is also a fitness enthusiast and regularly shares recipes of high-protein meals on his Instagram along with that of family and seasonal favourites with his 625k followers.

2. Chloe Coscarelli


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A post shared by Chloe Coscarelli (@chefchloe)

Author and restaurateur Chloe Coscarelli bagged the top prize in the popular show Cupcake Wars in 2010 and shot to fame as the first vegan to ever win a culinary competition. In the past few years, her culinary journey found her digging into her Italian roots to write several best-selling cookbooks and collaborating with major brands like Whole Foods. Today, she experiments with plants and cooks up delicious, colourful vegan food, the recipes for which she shares, along with restaurant reviews, and updates on all things vegan with her 191k followers on Instagram.

3. Charity Morgan

The star chef who created a delicious menu for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s vegan wedding, Charity Morgan is also the go-to chef for several professional athletes. With a degree in culinary arts, she has over 15 years of experience and aims at making the transition to plant-based eating easy and healthy. To achieve this, she shares healthy, fulfilling, wholesome recipes that also look incredible, with her 148k followers on Instagram.

4. Eddie Garza


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A post shared by Chef Eddie Garza (@theeddiegarza)

Food editor and host of Global Bites on OZTube, Eddie Garza has cooked for several celebrities and influencers. Personal struggles with weight growing up led the Mexican chef to switch to a plant-based lifestyle and he aims to make plant-based, healthy eating more accessible. Today he shares delicious Spanish and Mexican recipes, along with others, with his 26k followers on Instagram.

5. Leslie Durso


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A post shared by Leslie Durso (@lesliedurso)

Championing the cause of making dining more accessible to people with food restrictions and allergies, Leslie Durso is a private celebrity chef, television host, and wellness expert. With a whopping 37.7k followers on Instagram, she takes to the social media platform regularly to share bits of her life including her new creations, collaborations, and recipe guides.

6. Isa Chandra Moscowitz


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A post shared by Eesie (@isachandra)

Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Isa has been writing cookbooks since 2005 and is the owner of two bustling restaurants in her home city. Aiming at creating delicious food from inexpensive, easy-to-access ingredients, Isa consistently proves that plant-based food can be just as indulgent and decadent as meals with meat and dairy. Her curated Instagram feed, followed by 86k people, features many such indulgent, wholesome meals. We’re taking notes already.

7. Sophia Hoffman

Leading the vegan gastronomy circles in Berlin, Sophia is a chef, writer, and YouTube cooking show host. A DJ for most of her early years, she chased her passion for food and worked in several professional kitchens before she settled into the role full time. Today she champions the cause of sustainability, conscious consumption and this is reflected in the recipes, tips, and guides she shares with her 28k followers on Instagram.

8. Simon Toohey


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A post shared by Simon Toohey (@simon.toohey)

Although not vegan himself, Simon was known as “the veggies guy” on the popular culinary show, Masterchef Australia, for his unique and fun plant-based creations. A firm believer in the importance of eating more plants and reducing food waste, he’s known for championing some of the most underrated vegetables and using every part of the produce, from the stem and the leaf, to produce something delicious. Now a television show host, he shares his thoughts, collaborations, and tips with his 103k followers on Instagram.

We’re all set for Veganuary, are you?

8 incredible chefs to follow on Instagram for some plant-based inspiration this Veganuary

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