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Meals you can make using the most versatile veggie, cauliflower

The most versatile veggie is not broccoli or avocado but cauliflower. It is a staple in most kitchens and can be used for various recipes, in different forms such as rice or even breadcrumb alternatives. If you wish to learn how to use cauliflower in the best way, here are 8 healthy recipes you can try!

Cauliflower has gone through its rebranding and has replaced unhealthy carbs and fats. Loaded with other nutrients like potassium and vitamin C, this vegetable is here to stay! Here’s looking at some of the healthiest cauliflower alternatives to carbs.

Healthy cauliflower recipes to try at home

Cinnamon bun cauli oats

Cauliflower recipes
Image: Courtesy Bites of Wellness

If you thought cauliflower isn’t a breakfast meal, this recipe would change your mind. This recipe is inspired by a cinnamon bun, with all the goodness of taste, but uses cauliflower rice instead of oats. So you enjoy it without any guilt of consuming carbs early in the morning. It is high in Vitamin C, which will protect your skin from all the sun damage and pollution for the day. Top it off with some coconut butter for the yummy frosting.

Get the recipe here

Cauliflower fried rice

This cauliflower recipe is everything that is a bowl of fried rice, minus the carbs and saturated fats. It’s packed with proteins, gets ready in less than 20 minutes and takes care of your daily dose of Vitamins C. Add your favourite meat to it, and you have a healthy bowl of fried rice in no time!

Cauliflower pizza crust

Who doesn’t love pizzas? And if they come without the carbs of the crust, it’s a win-win scenario. This cauliflower recipe does exactly that! It’s eggless, so vegans can enjoy this recipe. The crust is crunchy on the edges and has a nice texture in the centre. Top it off with veggies and other toppings of your choice, and you can binge on a healthy pizza.

Cauliflower risotto

Cauliflower recipes
Image: Courtesy Half Baked Harvest

A creamy, delicious risotto is hard not to love, but the high carb content often tends to make you feel bloated and uneasy. Which is why this cauliflower recipe is perfect for when you’re craving some delicious Italian. The original recipe includes a hemp pesto, but this is good to go even without the pesto. Just replace arborio rice with cauliflower rice, which is grated cauliflower basically, and the rest of the recipe remains the same.

Get the recipe here

Cauliflower soft pretzels

Cauliflower recipes
Image: Courtesy Instagram/noshinnelsons

Could you ever imagine healthy pretzels? With this cauliflower recipe, you can! These gluten-free and low-carb cauliflower soft pretzels use cauliflower rice and make for great healthy snacks. The recipe is easy. It also doubles up as a great lazy time snack when you don’t want to put in too much effort.

Get the recipe here

Burgers with cauliflower buns

Giving your favourite fast food a healthy spin, you can now have as many burgers as you want without cheating on your diet. With a mix of cheddar cheese, onions, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, these grain-free and gluten-free burger buns are loaded with flavours. This cauliflower recipe takes some time, but it’s all worth the wait.

Cauliflower nachos


We have your guilt-free snack sorted for your next movie night. Make this fulfilling recipe loaded with veggies, so you don’t binge on unhealthy snacks later. Simply slice up the cauliflower florets, season them and bake them until crispy.

Roasted garlic cauliflower alfredo sauce

Every once in a while, we all have creamy, cheesy pasta cravings, and alfredo sauce is the saviour for such times. With this cauliflower recipe, you can make a healthy alternative to alfredo sauce. Boil up some chopped cauliflower, roast some garlic, add some cheese and seasonings and blend until smooth with some of that cauliflower broth. Voila, you have a healthy alfredo sauce ready!

Meals you can make using the most versatile veggie, cauliflower

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