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The bite-sized family of nori (seaweed) sheets, rice, raw fish or veggies, with a side of wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce has the world hooked. Sushi, as we know it, has many a fans even outside its country of origin, Japan. However, one question that keeps doing the rounds despite its continued popularity is this: How to eat sushi right. Although like most things culinary it is best enjoyed the way one likes it, the question always lurks, because who doesn’t want to relish it the way it’s meant to be!

Chef Shimomura Kazuya at Megu, The Leela Palace Delhi. Sushi guide
Chef Shimomura Kazuya

So, in case you were wondering about the authentic way to pick, top it off, dip, and pop (and much more), we’ve got just the ‘how to eat sushi’ guide for you. We spoke to Chef Kayuza of Megu, The Leela Palace Delhi, to share his go-to tips on how to eat sushi the right way. So next time you’re up for a platter, don’t forget to refer to this reckoner.

What is the traditional Japanese way of eating sushi?

Traditionally, sushi is eaten with both hands and chopsticks. Wasabi and soy sauce enhances the taste of sushi and is most recommended to have sushi with this combination, while ginger (gari) refreshes the palate while sampling variety of sushi.

Which alcohol or liqueur best paired with sushi?

Japanese sake goes well with sushi.

how to eat sushi
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The three common mistakes diners make while eating sushi? And how to correct these?

People usually dip the rice side in soy sauce. Always dip from the fish side.
While having nigiri people separate fish from rice; it should be eaten together.
While having sushi, avoid consuming a lot of soy and wasabi. It should be had proportionate to the quantity ordered.

Are there different ways of eating sashimi, nigiri, and roll? If yes, what are these?

Kaisen Donburi and chirashi sushi is the another way of eating sushi. Kaisen chirasi includes rice topped up with slice of different raw fish in a bowl while chirashi sushi comprises thin slices of various fish and seafood.

Your personal favourite way of enjoying a sushi meal?

Few things are best enjoyed when they are simple and seeped in tradition. I love my sushi – the simple and traditional way.

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