Popcorn is to late-night snacking what petrichor is to rain. It’s a seasonal but soul-salving relationship. We’ve found 10 creative ways to season popcorn that are more than addictive.

While we know we should be eating healthier, and not eating late at night at all, there’s no denying there’s a kind of naughty pleasure that derives from devouring a full packet of potato chips, Pocky, or popcorn.

Here, we take that foodie experience even further by elevating our popcorn flavours and seasonings to the next level. We’ve outlined a few DIY seasoning blends you can try at home, to switch up your movie night popcorn just a little bit. All you need is some unseasoned, readily-popped popcorn. Bookmark these for your next cheat day.

Image: Courtesy Pylz Works/Unsplash

Savoury ways to season popcorn

The crowdpleaser: Garlic & parmesan
An all-time favourite and kind of a classic, combine parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and black pepper, before tossing the blend into your popcorn alongside some olive oil. Add in chopped fresh rosemary if you want to be extra.

A British tangent: Salt & vinegar
Combine vinegar and salt (easy on the salt, taste it first) and toss it into popcorn.

A hint of spice: Sriracha & lime
Mix Sriracha sauce and melted butter before adding lime juice. Toss into hot popcorn, and add cilantro if you want to be snazzy.

For the fancy people: Truffle
Drizzle truffle oil onto popcorn with a pinch of salt and pepper. Add grated parmesan if you want to go over the top.

For the lesser mainstream people: sesame
Toast sesame seeds in a pan until light brown, toss into popcorn with salt and a tiny bit of sugar to taste.

Image: Courtesy Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

Sweet ways to season popcorn

Where sweet meets savoury: Bacon & maple
Combine sugar and salt and toss into popcorn. Cook bacon until crispy and then crumble either with your hands (fun) or with a knife (sophisticated) and add into the mix. Add ground black pepper if you prefer savoury to sweet.

Simple and homey: Honey & butter
Melt honey and butter in a microwave. Toss into popcorn and season with salt for extra oomph.

Some like it nutty: Peanut butter
Combine honey and peanut butter and toss into popcorn. Again, season with salt for extra oomph.

The crowdpleaser: cookies & cream
Combine warm condensed milk with crushed chocolate chip cookies (Oreos work too), then toss into popcorn and devour.

Image: Courtesy Hershe Go/Unsplash

Lazy ways to season popcorn

Mexican style: Taco seasoning
Toss store-bought taco seasoning into popcorn. Add lime for extra acidity if you wish.

Asian style: Instant noodle seasoning
Keep the seasoning packet from your favourite instant noodles and toss it into popcorn. Tom Yum, salted egg, kimchi ramen, or whatever else you fancy — it can be used to flavour your popcorn, too. Enjoy the movie.

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