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New menus across India that we are rooting for in November

Amidst the ongoing festivities, if you want to step out for a meal in your city, you are at the right place. Presenting all the new menus to look forward to in November.

Your favourite restaurants across India have amped up their menus to provide an unparalleled dining experience. From delectable new pizzas to splendid brunches, we are covering all. Craving for Chef Saransh Goila’s famous butter chicken? You have it. Want to go experimenting with Salmon Ceviche and Paani Puri? We have that as well! This festive season, let us take you on a culinary journey across India, with special treats for your tastebuds.

New menus across India we are looking forward to in November

The Coffee menu at Cafe 49, Juhu

new menus

Located in Juhu, Mumbai, Cafe 49, known for its luscious menu and indulging desserts, is all set to create an unforgettable experience by launching the ‘Coffee Menu’, which allows you to choose from a variety of flavours and combinations. The coffee menu will be available from October, which you will certainly ‘fall’ for.

Enjoy the new coffee menu, where the new line includes Berry-flavored Frappes, Vanilla Frappes, Iced Americanos with Tonic Water, and Irish Coffees with whiskey, a blended drink made of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, sugar, and whipped cream.

Address: Cafe 49, The Emerald Hotel, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai – 40004

New Chefs Tasting Menu at Noon , BKC

new menu

As a new season sets in, the new menu at Noon builds on the core philosophy with a sense of fun. Inspired by her frequent trips to Ladakh and Kashmir, as well as the produce that’s currently in season, Chef Vanika Choudhary has crafted a unique menu that celebrates the best of both with Noon classics and some innovative new dishes.

For example, Dastuk, a traditional Ladakhi porridge (much like a congee) which is a staple comfort food is elevated with a chana dal miso with curry leaves and spices. Lotus root and calamari add flavour and texture. Experience the Mawa Cake, which is synonymous with Mumbai, is reinterpreted using syah, a wild rose varietal that Vanika foraged in Ladakh, kosnyot (wild Himalayan caraway) and a nolen gur glaze, and baked in a turmeric leaf.

Familiar flavours include our house-made misos and garums, which are paired with produce that Vanika foraged for herself in Ladakh over the past three months.

Address: One BKC, Ground Floor, Tower B, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400051

New Mediterranean Menu at Layla Indulge at The Den, Bengaluru

new menus

Next on the new menus radar is The Den. The Den, Bengaluru, the state-of-the- art luxury hotel for the millennials and globetrotters, launched its new menu at Layla hosted by the charismatic General Manager, Mr. Vinesh Gupta amidst the city’s crème de la crème.

With a jaw-dropping view from Layla and luxury-tastic interiors, a new menu was launched that was specially handcrafted by Master Chef Royi Soffer who flew from Israel, especially for the gala evening. The menu is all about a unique combination of visual stimulation and sumptuous Mediterranean creations, Layla elevated the dining and nightlife scene in Bengaluru and in Whitefield to a whole new experiential realm. Layla’s new menu now includes a host of exciting culinary creations to tease the palate of their patrons starting from Mashviya, Chicken Fatayer, Filo Feta, Slow braised pork belly, Pan seared Fillet Mignon, Sous vide Lamb Chops, Kanafeh Pilaf and much more without leaving the indigenous cocktails behind on the new menu.

Address: Layla, The Den Bengaluru

All-new Cocktail Menu at Cafe Tesu

new menus

Cafe Tesu’s team has carefully handpicked quality ingredients that complement the cocktails and are perfectly paired with the entire new menu, from breakfast to dinner. You can sip on a Breakfast Bourbon with your Eggs Benedict, to an afternoon White Melon Sangria, to a tea time Irish Coffee, leading into cocktail hour with a Tesu Mary or a Bee’s Wax Negroni.

The cocktails not only sound tempting but also look like a piece of art on their new menu. While Cafe Tesu’s Lavender Lemonade is topped off with a bubbly foam called Cranberry Air, their Gold Dust bubbly also adorns specks of edible gold which will sparkle for you in the wee hours of the night.

Address: 4, Sri Aurobindo Marg, near IIT Crossing, Vijay Mandal Enclave, Kalu Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110016

Confetti Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery, Bengaluru


As part of the new menus this month, Magnolia Bakery brings the all-new Confetti Banana Pudding, a playful spin-off to the World-famous Banana Pudding. Made using delicious vanilla pudding, fresh bananas and Magnolia Bakery’s signature Confetti cake, this dessert is topped off with a generous amount of yummy rainbow sprinkles.

Dig into delicious layers of freshly baked Confetti Cake in this delectable pudding. Just like all their desserts, the Confetti Banana Pudding is freshly made daily.

Address: J.K. Plaza, 788, 12th Main Rd, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Weekend Bao Menu at KLAP

new menus

The team at Klap has curated a new menu with their ‘Klappy Bao Menu’ with versatile options to indulge in. The burst of flavors packed in the soft Bao bun is the best way to kickstart the weekend brunch, lunch, or dinner. Inspired by the East Asian flavors the menu encompasses the best ingredients the region has to offer with pairings for the soul. New menus at Klap include-

Pulled Jackfruit

Spiced avocado, curry mayo, candied nuts, lime, sesame

Silken Katsu & Crackling Spinach

Scallion, Kari Kari, Mango Kewpie, Preserved Hijiki

Enoki Mushroom & Asparagus

Tempura-dusted enoki mushroom, iceberg, fresh kimchi, spicy mayo

Chilli Crab and Prawn

Spicy crab and cajun prawns, Asian slaw, pickled watermelon, fried garlic

Char Siu

Barbecue Belgium pork belly, green apple kimchi, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, scallions

Teriyaki Glazed Chicken

Chargrilled teriyaki chicken, pickled cucumber, fried onion, kimchi, shichimi

Address: 2 & 3, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Special dine-in menu at 1441 Pizzeria

new menus

1441 Pizzeria is introducing its special Dine-in new menu with exciting new twists. Italian Chef Renato Viola, a World Pizza Champion, created a brand new menu to bring authentic Italian pizza with a dine-in experience to India.

The Master Chef Collection menu is also being introduced, and as a result, a new menu featuring fresh ingredients and cheese explosions is being launched. Some of the menu additions include Prima Donna and various Pizzas- Starstruck, Diamond in the Rough, Wild Card, and White Swan.

Address: They have outlets in four metro cities

New range of boba teas at Harajuku Tokyo Cafe

new menus

The brand recognizes India’s love for tea and has hence added a new range of Boba Tea to its existing list of delicacies, and we have a new menu. The delectable drink is available in combination with Milk Tea and Fruit Tea. To give a twist while retaining the authenticity of Japanese-inspired Boba Tea, delicious flavors in Milk Tea like Caramel, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Mango, Mocha, Tara, Strawberry, Green Apple, Pineapple, Tapioca, etc have been added. Further attributing, to the versatility of this silky smooth tea, a huge variety of Fruit Tea is available in flavors like Jasmine, Oolong, Passion Fruit, Mango, Grapefruit, Lychee, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Peach, and Green Apple Jelly to name a few.

Address: FF, Select City Walk Mall, Saket District Centre 1st Floor, above Zara, opp. Gap, Delhi, 110017

Lanes of Asia menu at Shiro

new menus

Dive into the yummy flavours of China with an array of dimsums – Chi Chow Style Dumpling, Vegetable Wonton with Sichuan Chilli Oil, Cantonese Chicken Wonton and Har Gau. The Japanese delicacies featured on the menu include Chicken Yakitori, Prawn Tempura and Spicy Shoyu Ramen. A few of the Thai favourites include Thai Fried Spring Rolls and Raw Papaya Salad.

Don’t miss the spicy notes of Korean flavours featuring Korean Chilli Potatoes, Bulgogi Tenderloin and everyone’s favourite Korean Kimchi Ramen! Not to forget the menu also highlights the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice from Singapore along with Kejang Style Chicken Satay and Prawns Laksa Soup with Noodles from Malaysia.

Address: 222, 3rd Floor, “Comet UB City, Vittal Mallya Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Mamagoto’s winter menu


While launching completely new Bao and Tacos, Mamagoto still sticks close to its Asian roots. Mamagoto has always strived to curate something unique but with a strong Asian core. Staying true to its origin, for the tacos, they’ve used soft tortilla breads but the other ingredients used for the tacos are Asian which make them an exemplary offering straight from Mamagoto’s kitchens.

The new Mamagoto menu is a fusion of inspiration from Asian street hawkers, most skilled and endlessly experimental and ranges from dishes like Char Siu Bao which are traditional steamed bao filled with barbequed pork and Wild Mushroom Bao which are steamed bao filled with truffle oil and flavored assorted wild mushroom to Goat Cheese Tacos which consist of fried goat cheese, fresh mint, kimchi, greens, mango sauce and spicy mayo, Smoked Chicken Tacos filled with sliced smoked chicken, onion tomato salsa, green chili mayo, and crisp greens and Pulled Pork Belly Tacos made of thinly sliced pork belly, greens, plum sauce and sliced green apple.

Not only this, Mamagoto is also adding to their pre existing Sushi and Dimsum menu and curatinga new menu, and launching some quirky new dishes like the Chicken Katsu Sushi which is a delicious Sushi filled with crispy Chicken, imported cucumber and topped with Sriracha mayo, Salmon Katsu Uramaki which is Sushi filled with crispy salmon, imported cucumber and topped with wasabi mayo and the Xiao Long Soupy Dimsum which are delicately flavored dimsum filled with hot chicken broth. Some enticing and delicious dishes like Sweet Sesame Balls with Black and White Sesame Seeds and Custard Steamed Buns accompanied with luscious Sweet Caramel Sauce have also been introduced.

Address: They have outlets all over India

FIFA World Cup 2022 Coffee Menu at Maverick & Farmer

new menus

At the screening, football fans and coffee lovers will get to experience coffee inspired from countries across the globe in this new menus – England, Argentina, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and Qatar. Inspired by England, the Union Jack is a delicious shaken cold brew infused in bay leaf with a tiny lacing of mint. Cafe Con Crema, which pays homage to Argentina, brings together the barista’s special vanilla and sea salt cream on a shot of espresso.

At their new menus is Noisette, their interpretation of the classic French beverage with a layering of chocolate hazelnut. Eiskaffee from Germany combines two dollops of vanilla ice cream, a double shot of espresso and their special textured cream and dark chocolate shavings. Japanese Coffee Cola is a refreshing drink uniting cola and cold brew with a yummy textured creme topping. The Spanish Latte is a show-stopper at the cafe already! It is the perfect blend of espresso, condensed milk and textured milk. Qahwa from Qatar is an intense dark black coffee with aromatic spices, honey and saffron.

Address: Gate #3, Gangadhar Chetty Rd, Halasuru, Rukmani Colony, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042

New menu at House Of Mandarin

new menus

Joining us next for new menus this month is Mumbai eatery with its two outlets. House Of Mandarin has launched a new menu boasting one of the widest arrays of authentic Asian cuisines as well as an extensive selection of craft cocktails and mouth-watering desserts. The new menus include flavoursome and delectable dishes comprising of soups, salads, hors d’oeuvres, dim sums, cheung fun, sushi, rice & noodles, tantalizing mains, and toothsome desserts. Some of the must-have dishes are Edamame, Snow Peas & Green Beans Salad with Thai chili dressing, Turnip Cake with burnt garlic & scallions, and vegetables wrapped with iceberg lettuce, Chicken Coriander Dumplings, Crispy Broccoli Roll made with tempura fried broccoli and rolled with cream cheese & sriracha sauce, and mains such as Tenderloin in black pepper sauce, Glazed Lamb in chef’s special sauce, Prawns in red chili oil & spring onion, and Steamed Whole Pomfret with ginger & scallions amongst others.

For your sweet tooth, you can indulge in a decadent Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse with raspberry sorbet, honeyed and moist Darsaan with vanilla ice cream, or a breathtaking Sticky Toffee Pudding with caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream & candied ginger. You will find them all at these new menus!

Address: B-Wing, Binge Central, 1st, Delphi Building, Orchard Ave, Hiranandani Gardens, Panchkutir Ganesh Nagar, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

Grazing menu at Sly Granny

new menus

With a nip in the air and the temperature dropping, it’s time to bring back the cozy lunches and brunches accompanied by a glass of bubbly. The curious granny couldn’t stop herself from curating some flavorful dishes for the weather. Renowned Azure Hospitality’s Sly Granny has launched an exclusive “Grazing Menu”, a new menu starting on the 14th of November 2022 and continuing on for three weeks. The menu is available at four locations, Sly Granny Khan Market, Sly Granny Cafe at Select Citywalk Mall Saket, Sly Granny Indiranagar, Bengaluru, and Tereza Beach House by Sly Granny, Goa.

New menu at Essange

It’s that time of the year when Strawberry takes over the town. Essange has unveiled a new menu that’s all thing strawberry and inculcates the tangy, sweet flavours of the fruit with the fluffy bakes.

The menu includes a variety of cakes, from Belgian Chocolate Strawberry Cake, which is nothing but a tempting indulgence, which is earthy and sweet with a citrusy twist to the Nutella and Strawberry Cake with the homely Nutella with a strawberry twist and lastly Strawberry and Cream cake, the good old nostalgic taste of strawberry and cream. Essange also introduces a Strawberry Tres Leches which is a delicious amalgamation of the classic Tres Leches with Strawberry and a Pudding Tub that’s Strawberry flavoured.

The elaborate new menu unfolds further into two creamy cheesecake offerings, one being the Biscoff Cheesecake Tub and the other, a regular cheesecake both with a berry twist. And finally, the menu brings in Essange’s classic cupcakes in Strawberry Cream Cheese and Belgian Chocolate Strawberry flavours, each that melts into a delicious bite.

Address: Shop No. 6, Valencia, revenue village Juhu, Opposite Estella, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400049

New BBQ menu at The Oriental Blossom at Hotel Marine Plaza

new menus

Oriental Blossom , unveils their BBQ Menu, keeping in mind the winter season.The new world cuisine menu features fresh, chunky, and juicy meals with exotic flavours and appeals to foodies from all walks of life. The ambiance is one that you will remember. The menu includes vegetarian and nonvegetarian items this November 2022.

For all the Non vegetarian lovers, one has multiple options to choose from the new menus, Tiger prawns BBQ -Fresh succulent Tiger prawns marinated with exotic Sichuan spices, Lobster BBQ – Ocean fresh lobster marinated with exotic Sichuan spices,Pomfret BBQ, They also have the favorites- Chicken BBQ ,Prawns BBQ , Lamb BBQ ,Pork Belly BBQ,Tenderloin BBQ and Seafood BBQ -Fish, prawns, calamari, bell peppers.

Address: 29, Marine Dr, opp. Cricket Club of India, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

A-La-Carte Weekend Brunch menu at HOME

new menus

The menu draws inspiration from the Mediterranean sub-continent and presents a selection of freshly-tossed salads right from the Chargrilled Zucchini & Pistou Salad to Norwegian Salmon & Couscous salad. The starter’s selection offers an eclectic array of eggs-based dishes, including Eggs Meurette, Quintessential Eggs Benedict, Creamy Akuri with Duck Kheema, and Eggs Kejriwal.

Additionally, HOME has brought back old-world traditions with their recently launched Hi-Tea new menus serving an array of sweet, savouries, and sandwiches, accompanied with Cocktails and Mocktails to boot, along with the relaxing tea blends and coffee varietals from 4.00-7.00pm.

Address: 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi 110070

Magic New Menu at Farzi Cafe

new menus

Farzi Cafe’s new menus introduce regional cuisines with a contemporary twist and at the same time prioritizes staying close to the roots of Indian flavor. A new feature at this contemporary diner is the theatrical service that introduces a subtle element of surprise taking the dish beyond its pleasant aesthetics and delectable flavor. Some of the must try signature dishes include the Fired Fish Pollichathu, Illusion Chicken Biryani, Butternut Squash Gattta Curry and the irresistible and sweet Gondhoraj Cheese cake. Binge on the indulgent meals and round it off with Farzi special drinks like Mint Berries Spritzal or Drunken Cellar!

Address: Outlets across the nation

A new menu for the 50 year anniversary for Copper Chimney

Each dish in the menu is a narrative of a rich culinary culture and legacy of an undivided India. The popular street food made on open pits by the local ‘kababchis’. The Mutton Kalia and the Parda Chicken Kabab are inspired by street kababs.

The Himalayan Gucchi Pulao in the Autograph menu features the exotic black morels or Gucchi from the foothills of Kashmir. This pulao was made and savoured on special occasions and was considered a dish prized for its distinct earthy and smoky flavour. The essence of Kashmir is also highlighted in the Subz Akhrot ki Seekh that is flavoured with crunchy walnuts and seasoned with authentic spices and an unique dip garnished with Kashmiri Chili Rogan.

The menu brings diversity with influences across the Undivided North of India. Blended with the local flair of the North West Frontier Province, the Raan Peshawari originates from the campfires for the warriors and tribes. Rubbed with Copper Chimney’s signature spices and steeped overnight, it is slowly roasted to perfection. The Autograph Menu also features the popular recipe from the streets of Peshawar, the Pashtuni Chicken Yakhni Pulao which has an aromatic effervescence of a signature Pathani spice mix and is garnished with afghani red berries.

In remembrance of the local bread makers of Peshawar called ‘naanbais’, the Kabuli Naan is a Afghani influenced bread with mildly sweet flavours and garnished with nuts and dried fruits, that’s also a part of their new menus.

Connecting past to the present, the Autograph New Menu rekindles nostalgia with dishes that speak of the rich culinary era that was. The Palak Goolar Kofta covered with ‘Varq’ an edible silver leaf, is cooked in a luscious almond cashew gravy. The Royal Chicken Kofta is an inspiration from the Maharajas kitchens in the Punjab Province. The dhoda barfi that originated in 1912 as an energy food for local wrestlers of Undivided Punjab is featured as the Baked Dhoda – Copper Chimney’s version of a chewy, milk fudgy barfi served with a saffron sauce.

All Images: Courtesy Restaurants

New menus across India that we are rooting for in November

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