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Delhi’s favourite Perch Wine & Coffee Bar opens in Mumbai

Delhi’s hippest dine & drink spot makes its way to Bombay.

All aficionados of good food and drinks, welcome Perch Mumbai. One of Delhi’s most loved spots for five years running, it’s set to open doors in Mumbai this month. Perch Wine & Coffee Bar started with ethos of clean and comfortable design, and European food paired with nicely done cocktails and coffee, which is not without a praise-worthy wine list.

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With trial dinners already on, as well as a recent collaborative evening with O Pedro, the buzz is already gaining momentum. We’re certainly looking forward to them continuing their play on aesthetics and making the restaurant look spacious, which would be an oasis in a desert when it comes to Bombay. Also, their continued expertise on food. The menu is limited, but keenly crafted with each dish worth a try. From burritos to granola mixes, sandwiches, pastas, roulades, indulgent desserts, and more, you don’t want to miss out on any of these.

For the coffee, they have a range from Indian to international beans. Single origin cuppa joes from Ethiopia, El Salvador, Colombia, and Indonesia feature in their collection. The vibrant wine list has Italian, Chilean, Spanish, and New Zealand wines on the list. Amongst their signature cocktails, Elder Tree is the star. While it’s not certain yet whether the menus will mirror each other in the two cities, it is highly likely that the most popular items are taken to Perch Mumbai as well.

The team behind Perch Wine & Coffee Bar is the same as the one that launched Greater Than and Hapusa gins in the country. Suffice to say, you’re in good hands, Mumbai.

Where: Union Park, Bandra West (Watch this space to know more)

All images: Courtesy Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

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