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Bandra binge: The all-new cafes and bakeries in the hood

Next time you are craving a cuppa, a light French pastry or even something healthy, take your pick from these trendy cafes and bakeries in Bandra because there is absolutely no doubt that the best ones are in this part of town. Over the past few months, quite a few new ones have opened up, so we did the rounds to pick out the places where you can stop by as the holiday season approaches and the nip in the air whips up an appetite.

German Bakery

new restaurants in bandraPune’s favourite bakery has finally made its way to Mumbai. The Insta worthy interiors are colourfully done up in blue, green and white and the menu features classics like keema pao, a range of omlettes, pizzas, sandwiches, hot dogs, bakes and the legendary desserts. If you’re craving for mango cheesecake in December, German Bakery will make those dreams come true.  Don’t ignore that warm Apple Pie.
Where: Shop no. 20, Ground floor, ONGC Building no.5, Reclamation land, Bandra West
Contact: 9653321390

Suzette Bakery

new restaurants in bandraAfter pleasing people with Suzette Creperie and Kitchen Garden, trust these three Parisians – Jeremie, Antonia and Pierreget – to open this French bakery. From delectable tarts, pastries and pies to freshly baked baguettes, brioche buns, and sourdough sandwiches to custard puff rolls, you get it all at Suzette’s new bakery. It is tough to give a choice of what is the best, so suit your mood. But we suggest that you try the Paris-brest, a French dessert made to just celebrate a cycling event. It’s hard to come by in this city.
Where: Gaspard Enclave – Shop 10, St John Road, Next to Kitchen Garden, Pali Naka, Bandra West
Contact: 022 6694 0027

Seeds of Life

new restaurants in bandraJoining the bandwagon of health cafes in Mumbai is this vegan place where you can indulge without feeling guilty. Of course there is no trace of refined sugar or white flour in their kitchen, so the pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and wraps are made with whole wheat flour. While usual breakfast staples include Avocado toast and quinoa upma, the pizzas are topped with low fat mozzarella cheese and can be made gluten free as well. If you want to end on a sweet note, they have a range of healthy desserts and our vote goes to the avocado and pistachio ice cream.
Where: 30B, Vora House, Palimala Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West
Contact: +91 9653336089

Boojee Cafe

new restaurants in bandraThis tiny cafe with black and white interiors whips up some of the best hot chocolate in this part of town – it is thick, dark and perfect for this time of the year. The menu isn’t too extensive and they focus on sandwiches, a few small plates and some egg dishes for breakfast. It is perfect for the time when you want a casual bite. The Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich and Hummus with Ciabatta are quite good. Do not miss the Espresso Chocolate Mousse.
Where: Shop 3 A, Ray’s CHS, New Kantwadi, Off Perry Cross Road, Carter Road, Bandra West
Contact: +91 9930203882

Kale & Kaffe

healthy restaurants in Mumbai

If you are doing the Keto diet, then this is the place to head to, because the menu here is heavily inclined towards dishes that fall within the “Keto” ambit. They have recently launched a new menu with wellness coach Urmi Kothari. Think black bean truffle oil burger with almond flour, cauliflower risotto bowl and gluten free chocolate chip pancakes. If you are among those who dismiss the Keto diet as just another fad, then go for the sandwiches, wraps and super bowls.
Where: Bright Land CHS, 14th Road, Linking Road, Bandra West
Contact: +91 9820161466

Kalopsia Artisan Coffee

One look at the menu and you know that they take coffee very seriously. The range foes all the way from French Press, Vietnamese to Turkish – and different brews and roasts. They have a tasting menu of hot and cold brews and a small selection of food to accompany the drink. What we love are the artisan chocolates – Mason & Co from Aurovelle (check spelling) in Tamil Nadu and Naviluna from Karnataka, the states that give you cocoa.
Where: Shop-5, Pearl Heaven Society, Near Lilavati Hospital, Chapel Road, Reclamation, Bandra West
Contact: +91 9082424260

Kale & Quinoa

new restaurants in bandraNo prizes for guessing that this health food cafe also takes Kito diets seriously. In fact, it recently added a few dishes like a crisp tikki (less than 200 calories), steak and a burger – all made from quinoa. The burger comes with kale chips on the side. Apart from this their English breakfast selection and salad menu is quite extensive, so whatever the time of the day, it will cater to your mood.
Where: Shop 2B, 1101-B28, Khatuo Eat, Union Park, Carter Road
Contact: +91 7304871441

Special Mention: The Sassy Spoon, Powai

We just had to include this because this chic restaurant has just opened their new outlet in Powai. It is no ordinary café restricted to a casual meal – done up with colourful interiors, it turns into a high-energy bar at night. And the menu is really huge. Following the theme “Travel the World on a Plate,” it offers dishes from 10 countries like Malaysia, Korea, Turkey, France and Indonesia. They even have a few Keto and gluten free dishes.
Where: Delphi Building, Orchard Ave, Hiranandani Gardens, Panchkutir, Ganesh Nagar
Contact: 022 50646328

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