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Granted that there is no dearth of decent vegetarian options in the capital city of Delhi, but we will admit there aren’t enough vegetarian gourmet dishes or restaurants that have left a lasting impression. A place for those with a discerning palate. It was this gap in the market that compelled former corporate employees Manav and Madhav Windlass, the founders of Kiara Soul Kitchen, to open an upmarket vegetarian fine-dining place in Delhi. 

Located in Greater Kailash’s M-Block Market in South Delhi, Kiara Soul Kitchen gives you the option to experience classic vegetarian recipes with an Asian twist. Staunch vegetarians themselves, the Windlass brothers’ mantra centres around three elements of gourmet food – purity, mindfulness, and innovation. These find expression in the restaurant’s farm-to-fork ideology, moderate usage of oil sans artificial enhancers, and innovation of new recipes that suit the Indian palate without taking away the traditional goodness altogether. Not to mention the menu is also conscientious about dietary requirements.

“We prepare all our dressings and sauces in-house and use only environment-friendly and hand-crafted crockery. Also, we use farm-fresh ingredients, some of which we grow on our own farm in Mehrauli,” says Manav Windlass.

Just like Delhi, the menu at Kiara Soul Kitchen is a cultural anagram where one can try Bao Bhaji, the classic Indian street food with a soft bao; Gobhi ka parantha that combines the sharp flavour of minced cauliflower with pumpkin sauce; Stir-Fried Black Rice that brings out the umami flavour; and Barnyard millet rice cakes served with Red Thai curry. These innovative techniques are what makes it a unique restaurant. One can also try healthy alternatives that are equally innovative – the Kiara Flower Pot, a quinoa and kale salad with chilli garlic dressing is the most-favoured on the menu, but if you’re feeling rather adventurous, then try Shakarkandi and Kadoo ke kebab with homemade tamarind chutney that oozes a smack of traditional Indian flavour. To help you wash these delicacies down, Kiara Soul Kitchen also offers an extensive collection of artisanal cocktails and a loaded bar to spoil you silly.

There’s an equally mindful approach to decor – the interiors have been matched to the level of food presentation and its experimental approach. The light wood lends to the overall liveliness of the place, and the navy blue chairs add an appeal that’s both swish and welcoming. Besides adding a new go-to place (especially, for special occasions) to Delhi’s ever-growing list of healthy restaurants, Kiara Soul Kitchen has also drafted a plan to give back to the society by imparting teaching/cooking skills to interested individuals for a better living.

Vegetarian or not, if you’re looking for interesting new veg options in fine-dining, then Kiara Soul Kitchen will satiate your soul.

Harleen Kalsi
Harleen feeds off her nomadic spirit and incessant shenanigans on the road to stay alive. When not writing, she is busy searching for a good read/art/act.