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Simple DIY Christmas rum cake tips & tricks you’d wish you knew before

With less than ten days to go for Christmas, we understand if you can’t contain your excitement! The world outside has started to look like Christmas, and these simple tips to make rum cake at home will make your home smell like all things Christmas, too.

Rum cake is one of those desserts that we all have memories of. Growing up, Christmas has always been synonymous with a good, moist rum cake. The joy of baking this cake is to soak the dried fruits in rum for weeks before adding to the cake batter. Relive the nostalgic goodness one bite at a time with these DIY rum cake recipes.  

Tips and tricks to bake a rum cake at home

rum cake at home
Image: Courtesy Instagram/mugcakes.in

Keep adding rum from time to time

The first tip is to soak the dry fruits and cherries in rum for as long as you can. Once you get your dry fruits ready, put them in a bowl. Next, pour rum in it until the fruits are completely soaked.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking this is it and let the dry fruits soak in the rum for weeks without checking on them. The dry fruits will soak up all the rum, so it is important to keep adding rum to this mixture from time to time so that the fruits stay moist and are spiked up as much as they can.

rum cake at home
Image: Courtesy Instagram/cakesislandjaipur

A question people have is what rum to use for a good rum cake. You can actually choose any rum. Dark rum will lend a spicier, more complex flavour to your cake, while light rum adds mellow flavours.

The taste comes from the dry fruits, not the rum

The next thing to remember is that you do NOT need to buy super expensive rum to make your rum cake taste better. There, we said it. The dry fruits soak up the rum and the taste and sweetness of the cake come from the dry fruits. So, when you are having the cake, you will not be able to taste all the layers of flavours of the rum. So, you can use any rum. The joy of making rum cake at home lies in these small details.

But even as we say any rum, make sure to stay away from white rum for a classic rum cake. White rum’s flavour profile is more narrow and harsh and does not sit well with a rum cake.

rum cake at home
Image: Courtesy Instagram/inspirationapron

A traditional rum cake is a bundt cake that is made in a bundt pan. But, if you don’t have a bundt pan at home, you can also use a springform pan for the same.

Use oil-based grease

A lot of times it becomes difficult to de-mould a rum cake from the bundt pan, without cracking it off here and there. Now, of course, you know about greasing the pan before pouring the batter. But remember to grease it with an oil-based spray and NOT butter. That is because the milk solids in butter can stick to the nooks and crannies as they caramelise, making it harder to de-mould the cake from the pan.

Here comes the best part. We all love to have some leftover rum cake, don’t we? If you plan to store a rum cake, you do not need to refrigerate it in order to eat it over the next few days. The rum and sugar go a long way in letting the cake have a longer shelf life.

rum cake at home
Courtesy Instagram/priscilastucky

You are not done after the cake is baked. While you are letting it rest, make sure to consistently feed the cake with a tablespoon of rum, which further helps to intensify the flavour. Not just that, it also makes sure that the cake is beautifully decadent.

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