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Sourdough doughnuts in Delhi: The snack-cum-dessert of your dreams

Is sourdough doughnuts in Delhi the next big trend in the making?

Buns oozing with Nutella, vanilla custard, or any such decadent filling is what Instagram is made of these days. In case you haven’t recognised these tiny delights yet, these are bomboloni aka sourdough doughnuts that are making you drool.

sourdough doughnuts in delhi
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Sourdough bread has all our love, and now we’re ready for the next step: This Italian delicacy where round balls of sourdough are fried, and a filling of choice is piped into it. Why are they coveted throughout the world? That’s because who doesn’t love an airy, fluffy bread with bursts of your favourite filling in each bite? These can be glazed, torched, dusted with sugar or cinnamon–take your pick and have fun is the motto here!

sourdough doughnuts in delhi
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These puffs of heaven are now beginning to be introduced by bakers in the city. Mr & Mitts Bakery, for example, has been doing these for over a month now. They’re doing the original crème brûlée filling, and have a sweet-n-tart raspberry variant, as well as Nutella. As the making of sourdough buns itself is a 72-hour process, they make these only twice a week, and you can get your boxes on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


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The new bakery has been founded by Mitali and Karan Sahani, who ran the popular Bombaykery until a few months back. Their small-batch baking and bite-sized desserts have always been loved, but nothing has hooked hearts (and taste buds) quite like their bi-weekly sourdough doughnuts offering. They can also do flavours customised to your preference, like cinnamon or Boston cream.

If you, like us, like to keep up with the pulse of the new food waves, this one’s to look out for. Have it for breakfast, a post-dinner dessert, or anything in between the two: These little pops are truly what snack-cum-dessert dreams are made of.

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