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10 yummiest halwas to keep you warm and cozy this winter

A big bowl of halwa, be it steaming or frozen, is the ultimate Indian comfort dish. Here is our curated list of 10 halwas, both classic and unique, to take care of your sweet cravings during the winter.

The season for warm and fuzzy overalls, hot beverages, and the excitement for 2022 is here. And we might have our own lists of savoury favourites when it comes to winter foods, but when we think of the perfect winter sweet dish, the first thing that pops up for most of us desis is a bowl of good old halwa.

There is a halwa for everyone. This versatile classic dish with its origins in Persia can be made from innumerous ingredients and has a variety of names depending on the main ingredient used, leaving us spoilt for choices. But whether made of badam, pumpkin, atta or semolina, this sweet dish remains a household favourite and every household has its own signature halwa.

Here are 10 halwas to comfort you during the winters

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Gajar Ka Halwa

Winters don’t officially begin in most desi households if this rich and comforting dessert hasn’t been prepared. Made from grated carrots, spices, khoya, ghee and a variety of nuts, Gajar Ka Halwa has always been a crowd favourite and the ultimate comfort food.

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Dates Halwa

This halwa is for the ones who tend to munch on healthier snacks. This delicious mix of dates or khajur, nuts, and elaichi can be the perfect guilt-free treat for health enthusiasts without adding many pounds.

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Badam Ka Halwa

This sweet dish is possibly the most delicious way you can have dry fruits, especially almonds. Made with blanched almonds, ghee and spices, a bowl of sweet Badam ka Halwa is closest to perfection as a winter dessert could get.

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Atte Ka Halwa

If you are on the lookout for the easiest recipe of halwa but don’t want to compromise on the deliciousness, look no more. This classic North Indian wheat dish is prepared with minimum ingredients and within a short span of time. Also, after the halwa (or kada prasad as it is also knowns) is ready, don’t forget to sprinkle some dry fruits on top to give it that hearty crunch.

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Sweet Potato Halwa

Sweet potato halwa or more commonly known as Shakarkandi halwa is usually prepared for festivities and other special occasions. Even though this nutritious sweet treat is sometimes savoured at breakfast in some households, we say there’s no particular time for halwa, so have it anytime you crave it!

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Suji Ka Halwa

This variant of the halwa is a classic. Made with suji or semolina, ghee, nuts and cardamom powder, the recipe for this mouth-watering dessert comes together in just about 15 minutes.

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Pumpkin Halwa

Another easy and tasty variant of halwa, this dish is the perfect use for all those fall pumpkins. With its pudding-like consistency accompanied with the flavourful cashews and raisins, this is a bowl of deliciousness that’s tough to part with!

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Dudhi Halwa

More commonly known as lauki halwa, Dudhi Halwa is mostly made in Indian festivities, especially during the Navaratri fasting period. Bottle gourd or lauki might not seem very appealing to many, but when incorporated in halwa after being caramelised with sugar and condensed milk, it is a dessert one cannot keep their hands off of.

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Aloo Ka Halwa

Be it fried, steamed or mashed, potatoes taste delicious in any form – even halwas! And even though the concept of halwas made with grated vegetables is nothing new, potatoes give this halwa a unique and gooey texture, thanks to its starch and carb components. A very popular dessert in Uttar Pradesh, a bowl of this rich and filling halwa is bound to win hearts, and comfort you during the winters.

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Kashmiri Halwa

This oat-based dessert, as the name suggests, is a Kashmiri delicacy. Topped with dry fruits and bits of saffron, this aromatic dish is indulgent and is sure to fill your tummy and your heart both.

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