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Heady hops: 10 of the strongest beers in India to liven up any party

If you enjoy your ales with a kick, there are several delicious options – homegrown and imported – to choose from. We’re sipping our way through the strongest beers in India.

A typical hop-sipping experience involves lagers and stouts that clock in at just about 3-5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). However, scour the aisles of your local liquor store and you’re bound to come face-to-face with a host of options that promise a whooping 7-8 percent ABV.

Clad in red with bold, dramatic fonts announcing their strength, these beers are robust, to say the least. And while they might not compare to the vodkas and tequilas of the party-spirits world, just a few of these brews can do the trick if you’re looking for a quick buzz. We list out a few of the strongest beers in India that promise to hit the spot.

Add a kick to any occasion with these 10 strongest beers in India


Strongest beers in India

We’re starting off strong (pun intended) with a brew that comes from the party central of India – Goa. BroCode is a biere brut (or biere de champagne) which follows a new beer style that was reportedly first explored in Belgium in the early 2000s. These are a touch apart from most beers since they are top-brewed and often allowed to mature in bottles with champagne yeast cultures. They’re also known to be stronger than most beers.

This could explain why BroCode’s 15 percent ABV expression packs the punch that it does. A fruity, refreshing citrus flavour accompanies the beer, making for a delicious drinking experience. No surprises why the beverage – which stands for the spirit of brotherhood – is a popular feature at some of the most exciting events.

ABV: 15 percent
Price: Rs 150 approx. (375 ml)

Godfather Super8 Beer


Another homegrown brand that’s known for its intense brews, Godfather is known to be the first to bring an 8 percent ABV expression into the world of Indian spirits. It also happens to be a highly recognised and celebrated brands in India, especially in North India.

The Super8 brew comes with notes of pale malt and coriander. A product of a long-brewing cycle, this one is smooth and refreshing. Made with the choicest malts available in India along with German bitters, it’s also popular amidst beer aficionados and bar hoppers alike. This one can quickly catch up to you so be sure to watch how much of it you consume.

ABV: 8 percent
Price: Rs 180 approx. (650 ml)

Kingfisher Strong

Strongest beers in India

An icon when it comes to all things brewed, Kingfisher offers a host of refreshing options to sip on. Their Strong rendition is a full-bodied, crisp option that has found its way into most bustling events, including music festivals and sports competitions. You’ll note hints of lemon, apricot, and honey with each sip. And while the strong, malty, and sharp flavour can be a bit divisive amongst beer afficionados, if you’re looking for a heady option, this clear amber beverage fits the bill.

ABV: 8 percent
Price: Rs 130 approx. (500 ml)

Simba Strong

Strongest beers in India

The new kid on the block, Simba Strong stands up to the punchiest in India. Crisp and balanced, what sets this homegrown creation apart from the rest is the balance of notes – malt, bread, and citrus – in the concoction, which aren’t overpowered by the distinct bitterness that most strong beers have. Crisp and dark amber in colour, the brew goes down smooth and has a good head. It also doesn’t contain any sugar. Best part? It pairs well with most foods and is a crowd pleaser.

ABV: 8 percent
Price: Rs 80 approx. (330 ml)

Amsterdam Navigator

Strongest beers in India

Although often limited to the aisles of the more popular liquor stores in India, this brew is quickly making a name for itself in the country. A bottom-fermented Dutch beer, this one has a smooth and intense flavour, marked by fruity and nutty aromas. Paying homage to the Dutch explorers 16th and 17th centuries, this one has a distinct dark blonde, golden hue. Best part? Each sip offers notes of apricot and dried fruit which cut through the brew’s bitterness and make it smooth.

ABV: 8 percent
Price: Rs 296 approx. (500 ml)

Bad Monkey

Hopping on this trend of delicious, intense brews is this homegrown brand that’s gotten wildly popular amidst beer aficionados in the past few years. The brew incorporates a secret recipe that involves adding hops, esters, and aromatics to the malt. Medium-bodied with a strong finish, this one is easy to drink and doesn’t coat your palate with the sort of lingering bitterness that most other strong beers are guilty of. Golden in hue with a lager-like aroma, this one pairs well with most spicy numbers as well. Naturally, it’s the more popular option amongst the strongest beers in India.

ABV: 8 percent
Price: Rs 100 (500 ml)

Carlsberg Elephant

One of the world’s largest, most popular beer brands, Carlsberg offers some of Denmark’s finest brews. Their Elephant Strong is a full-bodied pilsner that has an intense malty flavour underlined with hints of caramel. You will also discover notes of apple, melon, oak, and nuts in this beverage. The bitterness is well balanced and the quality of hops promise consistency in every sip.  This one might be an acquired taste for many. That aside, it pairs well with most foods.

ABV: 7.2 percent
Price: Rs 160 approx. (500 ml)



This homegrown brand offers a brew that reflects modern Indian sensibilities. It also claims to be the first crafted strong beer in the country. Crisp, clean, malty, and with a subtle citrus twang – the fruitiness of this beverage make it go down smooth. The finish accentuated by Columbus and Styrian Golding hops. Considering its crowd-pleasing quality, this is the perfect option for when you’re just starting out on your journey to discovering more intense beers.

ABV: 7.2 percent
Price: Rs 100 approx. (500 ml)

Buho Strong

Relatively new to the world of craft brews, Buho has a range of delicious beers on offer. Their strong variant pours pale yellow and has distinct aromas of lightly-roasted malts, Belgian hops, and nuts. Well balanced with a dry mouthfeel, you might note hints of banana, bread, coriander, vanilla, and apples in every sip. These make it easy-to-drink and pair with a host of foods. Like a few others on this list, go for this one if you’re just starting out on your strong-beers journey or enjoy more subtle brews.

ABV: 7 percent
Price: Rs 340 approx. (500 ml)

Bira 91 Boom

Rounding out this list is the brand that’s now a household name – Bira 91. Known for some of the most eclectic brews, the brand’s rich and malty Munich Lager, ‘Bira 91 Boom,’ comes with a combination of two-row and caramel malts. This give the beverage a crisp flavour and a hint of sweetness that’s quite palatable. The hops balance out the malt and the bitterness is at a crowd-pleasing medium.

ABV: 7 percent
Price: Rs 120 approx. (500 ml)

Drink responsibly! 

All images: Courtesy brands 

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