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Transform a pack of Parle G into scrumptious desserts with these recipes

India’s beloved tea-time biscuit is also quite versatile, making for delicious parfaits, tarts, and pancakes. If you enjoy a dose of nostalgia with your dessert, give these unique Parle G recipes a go.

For decades, tea in India has been synonymous with glucose biscuits. The nostalgic ritual of dunking a couple of Parle G biscuits in tea or milk has been featured across pop culture and internet memes, so much so that it has firmly established itself in the cultural fabric of the country. Naturally, a peek through the kitchen pantry of homes will produce a pack (or two) of these treats.

Parle-G’s malty, sweet flavour and crisp texture, however, make it more than just a snack. The biscuits work well when incorporated into classic dessert recipes, elevating cakes and adding texture to ice-creams. If you’re up for a bit of experimentation, grab that pack of treats lying on the back of your kitchen shelf and give these Parle G dessert recipes a go.

Add these unique Parle G dessert recipes to your baking repertoire

Chocolate swiss roll

This quick, no bake recipe calls for ground Parle G biscuits, cocoa, sugar, butter desiccated coconut, milk, and chocolate syrup. Assembly takes just a few minutes, and you don’t even need to fire up your oven for this one. Combine that with the satisfaction of cutting into an Instagram-worthy chocolate log, and you’ve got yourself a winning dessert!

Ice-cream sandwich

Perhaps the only thing as nostalgic as the biscuits themselves, the textural play of crunchy biscuits and smooth ice cream is unbeatable. This particular recipe kicks things up a notch with a cardamom Parle G ice cream reminiscent of tea-time. Ingredients include condensed milk, ground cardamom, and several packs of glucose biscuits.

Eggless cheesecake with mango

Popular chef Anahita Dhondy incorporates two beloved ingredients, mango and glucose biscuits, into a no-bake cheesecake recipe. Sinful and indulgent, the recipe calls for butter and Parle G for the base. Cream cheese, yoghurt, icing sugar, white chocolate, lemon juice, and fresh mangoes complete the dessert. This one’s the perfect summer treat!


This recipe will come in handy when you’ve got a sugar craving but have nothing but pantry staples at home. Ingredients include milk, sugar, custard powder, milk powder, and Parle G biscuits which come together to make an indulgent pudding. As with most recipes on this list, you don’t need to preheat an oven or stock up on eggs for this dessert.

Chocolate mousse

If you’ve got guests coming over or are hosting a party, these petite and delicious mousse shots are the perfect treat. Besides, they’re easy to whip up, so you don’t need to spend hours hunting for the right ingredients or prepping them. You’ll need whipped cream, ground Parle G biscuits, and chocolate for the recipe. Garnish with whole Parle G biscuits as well as crumbs for a touch of flair.


Coffee and Parle G is an unbeatable combination. You’ll need milk, sugar, cornflour, cream cheese, eggs, and Parle G to whip up a custard-like ingredient that you can then layer with glucose biscuits dipped in black coffee for that classic tiramisu flavour. If you love that hit of caffeine in your dessert, this one’s for you.


Parle G has always been a popular way to start the day. This recipe adds a unique spin to a breakfast staple and is perfect for indulgent weekend mornings. You’ll need milk, baking powder, chocolate sauce, butter, and baking soda, apart from Parle G, to whip this up. Top with butter and maple syrup or honey.

Motichoor parfait

If layered dessert is your jam, this unique recipe that merges the classic Indian motichoor ladoo with Parle G will have you obsessed. Besides these two ingredients, you’ll need powdered sugar, cream cheese, unsalted butter, and heavy cream to whip this one up. Garnish with nuts to make it Instagram-worthy. These are great party desserts as well, guaranteed to impress guests.

Strawberry tart

A dessert roundup would be incomplete without a berry and tart number. This particular one needs you to grab butter, yoghurt, and strawberries apart from Parle G on your next grocery run. Put them all together and voila! You’ve got a refreshing dessert for the summer. Besides, there’s no baking, or heat involved in the process.

Birthday cake

There’s nothing a good cake can’t solve. And if you’ve got a birthday coming up that you’d like to invest your baking skills into, this one’s a great option to experiment with. Limited ingredients, minimal hassle, this really is a fool-proof recipe. You’ll need Parle G, powdered sugar, instant coffee, milk, baking powder, and dark chocolate. If you’d like to put your creative skills to good use with quirky cake decor, add white chocolate to the grocery list. Soft sponge with rich chocolate ganache, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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