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Why is it expensive: This paneer costs almost Rs 80, 000 per kg

A common item in an Indian household, paneer is for the good food days. But at Rs 80,000 approx per kg, the world’s most expensive paneer will be anything but a regular household item.

How many times have we asked our vegetarian friends to eat meat and imagining it to be paneer? Well, this paneer costs more than an entire platter of meat. But what makes this paneer so expensive? In today’s edition of ‘Why is it expensive’, we are decoding the world’s most expensive paneer and what makes it worth Rs 82,000 a kg.

World’s most expensive paneer for Rs 80, 000 per kg

This pricey and luxury cheese, called Pule, is produced in Serbia, and cheese aficionados swear by the texture of this super expensive cheese. But what makes it so expensive is that it’s made from donkey’s milk, which is the tastiest and most expensive source of cheese in the world.


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According to Daily Mail, this milk can only be found at Zasavica Nature Reserve, in Serbia. Retailing at €1,000 (Rs 80,00 approx), every kg of the world’s most expensive paneer requires 25 litres of milk.


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What makes donkey milk such an exclusive source of cheese is that it is loaded with protein and has great antimicrobial effects. According to studies, milk can reduce stomach ailments caused by viruses and bacteria. This milk is also good for bones and helps in boosting the growth of good bacteria and improves gut health.

At Zasavica Nature Reserve, they also produce and sell bottled donkeys’ milk. In fact, it is said that donkey’s milk was a famous and well-kept beauty secret of Cleopatra who used to bathe in it every day.

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