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Goa’s first alcohol museum dedicated to Feni, a local brew, is here!

Goa just got its first alcohol museum dedicated to the local (and tourist) favourite, feni. We tell you all the details!

For most of us, Goa means beaches, casinos and parties. And a much-loved feature in these parties, apart from the beer, is feni, a locally distilled liquor found in the state. And now, this much-loved drink has a museum dedicated to it!

The museum, called All About Alcohol, is a venture by local businessman Nandan Kudchadkar. Located in the beach village of Candolim, the museum is home to hundreds of artefacts related to feni, a drink made from cashews. It houses traditional glass vats in which the liquor was stored centuries ago, reports

According to GoaChronicle, Kudchadkar opened the museum to preserve Goa’s rich heritage, to tell people the story of feni, and to make them aware of the historical trail of this much-loved liquor from Brazil to Goa. BJP MP Vinay Tendulkar had taken to Twitter to share this news, writing, “Goa gets its first alcohol museum, which will support indigenous breweries, and even project the history of world famous feni. It will promote local manufacturers, and will empower the business.”

Cashew nut, which is used to make feni, is said to have been brought to India from Portugal in the 1700s. The popular nut and the beverage made from it has since been among the most-loved in the country. Feni is made from the fermented juice of the cashew apple, and earned the Geographical Indication (GI) tag in 2013, reports Business Standard. The spirit continues to remain a local favourite and is a popular souvenir or gift for alcohol lovers whenever they visit the state. The drink was also named the ‘state heritage drink’ by the Goan government in 2016, to allow its manufacturers to market the spirit globally, along the lines of scotch and tequila.

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