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Refreshing non-alcoholic beers that promise a hangover-free hop experience

From fruity numbers to hoppy classics – the world of malt has delicious options for sober celebrations. For the love of all things brewed, we’ve curated a list of a few flavourful non-alcoholic beers that are on our radar.

When it comes to frothy beverages, stouts and lagers are dime a dozen. However, if you’ve sworn of the booze or have always been one to sip soda, a few brands have options that might offer to add a touch of malty fun to your celebrations, sans the hangover. Best part? Most are low in calories and taste like a dream. And while some feature the quintessential beer mouthfeel and flavour notes, others are experimental and fruit-forward. If you’re intrigued enough for a sip, look for these non-alcoholic beers in the drinks aisles on your next grocery run.

Sober soirees call for these delicious non-alcoholic beers

Heineken 0.0 Non-Alcohol Beer

non-alcoholic beers in India

Perhaps one of the most popular beer brands in the world, Heineken’s lagers are known for their natural ingredients and intense flavour. Their non-alcoholic brew features their signature soft malty body. Balanced, with refreshing fruity notes, these are the product of years of exploration, brewing, and tasting by master brewers. Twice brewed with the alcohol removed, this one’s a delicious alternative to its alcoholic counterpart.

Price: Rs 80 approx. (330 ml)

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Copter 7 Zero 0.0

non-alcoholic beers in India

Copter 7’s sober options come from a 400-year-old traditional boutique brewery in Germany. Deep-rooted hops and intense malt are complemented by flavours like sweet cherry and tart chokeberry and the brand promises the finest, most artisanal ingredients in every sip. Premium quality apple concentrate ups the ante on the experience. These factors combined make for palatable, smooth brews that put most alcohol-based craft variants to shame.

Price: Rs 140 approx. (330 ml)

Crofters Belgian Wit

Positioning their beverages as beers you can drink and drive with, Crofters makes a compelling case for no-alcohol variants. Their Belgian Wit features classic malt flavours, with a rich aroma that’s unmissable. Hops, meanwhile, bring the bitterness and balance out the sweetness. You might note hints of toast, caramel, fruits, and citrus in every sip. Sweetening the deal is the beer’s low-calorie, low-sugar content and promise of all natural, preservative-free ingredients. All this, with all the flavours of a regular wit!

Price: Rs 105 approx. (330 ml)

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Coolberg Non-Alcoholic Beer

This sober beer comes from a homegrown brand that promises the quintessential flavour play of bitterness and sweetness sans the alcohol. They’ve also thrown in a series of fun flavours for good measure. The malt rendition comes with citrus and hop notes whereas the cranberry has sweet aromatic whiffs. The crowd-pleasing strawberry has a certain addictive tanginess to it while the peach is fragrant and fresh. If you enjoy innovation in your bottles of beer, you’ll enjoy this one.

Price: Rs 80 approx. (330 ml)

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Kingfisher Ultra Non-Alcoholic Beer

Bottling up the good times sans the alcohol, Kingfisher’s non-alcoholic offering is made with the finest barley and hops. The sweetness of malt is balanced out by the bitterness and aroma of the hops and each sip is identical to that of its boozy variant. However, with the sober rendition you’re also promised 30 percent less sugar and only 96 calories per can. Light on the palate, this one’s a must-try.

Price: Rs 80 approx. (300 ml)

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Barbican Non-Alcoholic Beer

A raspberry-flavoured malt brew that is sparkling and aromatic, Barbican’s non-alcoholic beer is made with the finest ingredients. Fruity notes complement a soft, malty body, making each sip go down smooth. This one’s a great option if you enjoy a tinge of sweetness in your beer or are just starting out on your malty journey. Not to mention, it’s refreshing! Besides, it just so happens to be one of the most popular beverage options in Saudi Arabia.Give it a go on your next shopping spree.

Price: :Rs 120 (330 ml)

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Hoegaarden 0.0 Non Alcoholic Wheat Beer

In the beer world, Hoegaarden is hailed as the pioneer of all things Belgian-style. The non-alcoholic version is a balanced brew with notes of coriander and orange peel, making for a smooth sipping experience. It’s bottle fermented and has a cloudy appearance and thick head when poured. It’s also one of the few non-alcoholic wheat beers around in the market. That said, it is low in bitterness, with a sweet aftertaste that can be a hit or miss depending on how you like your beer.

Price: Rs 100 (330 ml)

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Edelmeister Nonalcoholic Beer

This non-alcoholic brew is free from additives. It pours a bright golden and is mildly hoppy. There’s also a delicate tinge of bitterness in every sip that cuts through the sweetness. A top-fermented option, this one’s reminiscent of a fine dry lager. That’s not all. The brew is smooth, palatable and the perfect complement to most occasions. Naturally, it’s the perfect addition to any malt-enthusiast’s collection. To really do this one justice, be sure to serve it chilled.

Price: Rs 100 (500 ml)

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All images: Courtesy brands

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