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Grab a cup of coffee at these 7 spots in Mumbai and they’ll make it artisanal

What’s a morning that doesn’t involve the nutty aroma of coffee and the warmth of its rich, complex flavour? And if your daily cuppa is your religion, you’re going to be delighted by what these artisanal coffee roasters in the city have in store for you.

The allure of coffee is undeniably strong. It can perk up Monday mornings, fuel conversations over a first date, and kick-start the creative process right before a deadline. And if you’re a java aficionado, there’s no dearth of options in Mumbai to get your daily caffeine fix in. The shelves of cafes, stores, and speciality restaurants have a range of coffees on display, from instant powders to whole beans.

But there’s just something about the attention to detail, from sourcing and roasting to blending, needed to produce artisanal coffee that makes it stand out. Whether you enjoy your hit of caffeine brewed in a French press or poured over, every sip of what’s on offer at these spots spell high-quality.

Elevate your daily caffeine ritual with these artisanal coffees in Mumbai

The go-to for most caffeine connoisseurs, KC roasters are known for serving up some of the most delicious coffee in the city. Sourced from estates in South India, high-quality coffee beans are roasted fresh in-house, with options ranging from light to medium and dark. A popular one involves beans aged in a whiskey barrel before being roasted. Another is the Ratnagiri honey-medium roast, a smooth coffee that has the creamy texture of custard apple with notes of kiwi and kokum.

Head on over to their quaint cafe in Chuim village and sip on some artisanal goodness with a side of snacks, while chatting with the baristas about all the different variants on offer. Caffeine addicts who are plant-based will find plenty of vegan options here as well.

Image: Courtesy KC Roasters 

Chuim Village, Danda, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra
+91 96196 82668

A household name when it comes to artisanal coffee, Blue Tokai picks its coffee beans after carefully sampling hundreds of green beans every harvest. The place also works with professionals to ensure consistency in quality. And the payoff is in every cup of the beverage, whether the beans are roasted light or dark. A popular choice here is the arabica coffee sourced from the Attikan Estate in Karnataka. The beans are roasted medium dark, with notes of dark chocolate, figs, and roasted almonds. Another is the Monsoon Malabar, roasted medium dark, with notes of dry fruits and nuts.

While you could pick up a bag of beans and some coffee-making equipment to whip up a cuppa at home, we recommend trying something made by the in-house roasters who’ve been through advanced sensory training and offer perfection in a cup each time.

Image: Courtesy Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters 

Shakti Mills Ln, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra
+91 98200 95887

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Everything is done tastefully at Zen cafe, from the decor to a cup of coffee. The cosy space offers delicious bread, sushi, pizza, and vegan cupcakes. But for some caffeine magic, follow the aroma of freshly-made deliciousness to arrive at the brew bar. The Nuance range of single-origin coffees here are made with meticulously chosen beans which are then roasted in-shop, brewed manually, and best enjoyed black. You get the choice of an aeropress or pour over for your cuppa.

For something more experimentative, try the ginger turmeric espresso tonic with ginger syrup and turmeric foam, which was crafted for the Indian barista championship.

Image: Courtesy Zen Cafe 

Bake House Ln, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra
+91 91677 68950

The friendly-neighbourhood cafe and hangout spot, Carter Road Social has some delicious food. But their coffee, sourced from the popular artisanal brand, Dope coffee, is just as good. With beans that can be traced right back to their home estates, the company believes in giving back to the farmers while also ensuring that every cup that’s brewed tastes fresh and packs on the flavour. Partnering with over 80 coffee estates across the country, Dope coffee offers only the best brews.

A unique option is their whiskey barrel-aged robusta with sweet, fruity, fermented notes. Head on over to their website for a range of delicious single-origin artisanal blends or get a sip at Social, with their espresso shot or cold brew.

Image: Courtesy Dope Coffee 

Gagangiri CHS Ltd, Sangeet Samrat Naushad Ali Marg, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra
+91 91520 17974

Nandan coffee takes the farm-to-table concept quite seriously when it comes to coffee, with blends that are made with beans sourced and roasted at their own estate, which is located in the heart of the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary. Grown under a canopy of silver oak, jackfruit, avocado, mahogany, and rosewood trees, the quality of their beans is undeniably high and easy to discern through the aroma that they release with every brew. A popular option is the Nandan Royale, a full-bodied blend which has notes of caramel, milk chocolate, and treacle.

To grab a cup of their coffee, head to the fourth floor of Jio World Drive to White Crow Books and Coffee. Their cafe here offers all the deliciousness of coffee with the added bonus of books, a match made in heaven.

Image: Courtesy Nandan Coffee

Jio World Drive, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra
+91 9819676550

The neighbourhood of Bandra is home to some of this roastery that is known for its artisanal hot and cold brews. Launched during the pandemic, the space is led by Q Arabica grader Rahul Reddy and Auroville-based bakery Bread And Chocolate’s head chef and co-founder, Daniel Trulson. That, along with the fact that all its Arabica beans are sourced from plantations in Karnataka, Meghalaya, and Tamil Nadu ensure that every cuppa here tastes fresh and high quality.

Consistently experimenting with new flavours, one of the roasters’ most popular options includes the Kerehaklu Estate, with notes of green apple and caramel. Grab a cup of their smooth blends along with a side of freshly-baked croissants this evening.

Image: Courtesy Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters and Bakehouse

Mary Lodge, 21A, Chapel Rd, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra
+91 90047 00654

Our list would be incomplete without Bombay Island, which is home to delectable high-quality, single-origin coffee. Their Thogarihunkal, for instance, has notes of citrus, orange blossom and candy, making for a tangy, sweet sipping experience. Shop from their website directly or put your faith in the baristas at their cafe, who are passionate about giving you the perfect bean to cup experience and brew the concoction before your eyes. The space hosts many coffee workshops and is bustling with caffeine enthusiasts every day.

Image: Courtesy Bombay Island

Godrej One, Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai, Maharashtra
+91 90045 11998
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