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Dalgona and beyond: 7 delicious coffees for winter you can make at home

‘Tis the season to have your coffees spiced and everything nice! The season for hot coffee and warm goodies is here, and we just cannot have enough cups of coffee in a day. But if you are bored with your regular coffee this winter, we are just in time with a whole range of ideas and recipes up our sleeves to amp up your coffee game!

Different types of coffees for winter you can make at home


Cinnamon Matcha Latte

Matcha is taking the culinary world by storm not just for its umpteen health benefits but also for its unique display. If you’re in love with your regular spiced or cinnamon latte, try adding matcha to it to unlock a whole new level of brilliance. This one has the superpower to heal even bruised hearts on cold winter nights.

Dalgona coffee

This lockdown favourite created quite the stir in 2020, and it is time to bring it back now that winter is here. Beaten coffee, steamed milk and the lingering smell of caffeine, what’s not to like about dalgona coffee? Even though it has quite a few other variations, we loved the classic version the best, and it makes one of the most perfect coffees for winter.

White Chocolate Mocha

If there is anything that can beat a cup of good regular mocha, it is white chocolate mocha. It is your favourite chocolate drink but with white chocolate. Even though this is a Starbucks creation, do not think you cannot make it at home. Bring together the absolute best of both worlds — coffee and white chocolate, and enjoy a cold day in the warmth of your home.

Irish coffee

Want to give a slight twist to your Irish whisky at home? What better way than to make Irish coffee and give an instant boost to your regular espresso? When you get coffee and whisky together, you know it’s going to be a recipe for euphoria. You no longer need to go out for a good cup of Irish coffee. Here we are with the recipe that’s going to make your winters so much better!

Cuban Coffee

This delight from Cuba is fairly easy to make at home and is a delicious, sweet beverage that is a classic hit. Hot coffee on a cold night is the perfect way to warm your soul. The best part? You make the crema out of sugar and espresso, instead of milk. This silky smooth coffee reaches your heart first.

Mexican Coffee

This spiced and chocolate-laced coffee is the mix of flavours you didn’t know you needed. While the original recipe is made from cane sugar or jaggery, you can also make it with regular white sugar. It tastes beautifully complex with all the spices you didn’t think you would ever add to your coffee. But that’s what makes this cuppa so heartwarming and the ideal coffee for winter.


For all the coffee enthusiasts who do not like milk in their coffee, espresso is the answer to all your prayers. Whether or not you have an espresso machine at home, it is not rocket science to decode a steaming cup of espresso. For your morning beverage or your late-night staying up company, espresso never disappoints you.

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