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Eat, drink and takeaway: Delhi’s first-ever experiential luxury liquor store is here

Cheering to the new normal, you can now get the best of rare and vintage alcohol beverages from around the world in Delhi’s first-ever experiential luxury liquor store, Delhi Liquor Co., which opened this week at the South Square Mall in Sarojini Nagar. And when we say experiential, it’s more than drinks.

Delhi liquor co

The pandemic may have faltered international travel plans, but it doesn’t have to pause your home scenes, too. Now you don’t have to worry about buying duty-free alcohol from the airport or plan exotic international trips to sip on that refined Patron. Offering the whole shebang to millennials is Delhi Liquor Co.

Delhi liquor co

Spread across a 3000 sq. ft area, Delhi Liquor Co. is the brainchild of Abhinav Jindal. From rare whiskies to vintage wines to imported liqueur, the racks at this bespoke store are nothing short of heaven for merry drinkers. Although more than stash, it’s the experience and the service that makes it stand out. The store exhibits a wide assortment of branded barware, merchandise, snacks and savouries (that go best with your purchase items), as well as non-alcoholic beverages at their DLC Cafe.

You can also request the in-house bartenders and sommeliers to concoct travel-friendly ready-to-add mixers or cocktails as per your taste. And the in-house chefs can prepare bite-sized snacks to-go with your drinks. If you’re looking to add new additions to your home bars, there’s a selection of fancy glassware for that extra sprinkle of elegance, along with ashtrays, trays, and other objet d’arts.

Delhi Liquor Co. has ample time-saving features as well such as vending zone and hassle-free online cart. It’s become the one place where patrons, especially women, can enjoy a bespoke experience with professionals without any awkwardness.

All images: Courtesy Delhi Liquor Co.

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