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Blue Tokai x Sula Vineyards is back with another round of the Barrel-Aged Blend

There is a new twist to a regular cold brew coffee! Blue Tokai, in collaboration with Sula Vineyards, has curated and launched a new limited-edition of the Barrel-Aged Blend, a cold brew aged in red wine barrels. 

blue tokai sula vineyards

The idea for this collaboration manifested at the Blue Tokai Café in Sula Vineyards during the SulaFest 2020; it’s a medium-dark roast with rich flavour notes of toffee, pineapple, and black current. Available at just Rs 250 per 200 ml bottle, the first batch became extremely popular and sold out quickly, compelling them to launch another batch this year.  

The coffee beans are stored in Sula’s oak wine barrels for two months and rotated, this allows the coffee beans to soak up the moisture in the wood while taking on the flavours of oak and red grapes from last year’s wine barrels. These beans are then stored in the American Oak and French Oak barrels, which are used for fermenting Sula’s award-winning red wines: Rasa and Dindori.

Namrata Asthana, co-founder of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters said, “We are quite experimental and try to find new ways of highlighting the potential of speciality coffee. We found the flavours in this experimental process to be very exciting, particularly nice as a cold coffee as the intensely sweet, bright red cherry and chocolate notes, which Attikan is known for, really stood out when aged in Sula’s award-winning red wine barrels.”

blue tokai sula vineyards

The new blend contains three coffees from Fairlands Estate, Attikan Estate, and Bibi Plantation. Chaitanya Rathi, COO, Sula Vineyards said, “Coffee beans and wine grapes are both exotic ingredients and require careful craftsmanship like selective picking or fermentation to ensure every sip is sheer deliciousness. We are always on a lookout to bring new experiences to our consumers and are glad to partner with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters for this unique barrel-aged coffee.” 

The limited-edition coffee is already available in Mumbai and will be available in Delhi and Bengaluru soon.

All images: Courtesy Blue Tokai